In Florida Anti-Microbial HEXIS Window Can Help Keep You Safe

An antimicrobial film applied to the windows and doors or other surfaces of your home, business, or vehicle may be one of best ways to help in keeping you safe from viral infection. These films can mean the difference between a virus lying in wait and soon infecting you and having no chance to survive and dying and breaking down.

Unlike many pathogens, a virus is not technically alive. Each individual single viral microbe is only some DNA material wrapped coated in a protein. Viruses cannot replicate without host cells, and they can’t remain viable for long without a host before they die, for lack of a better term. If a virus has no way to spread, it has no way to make people sick. But even without a host a virus can “live” for hours or even days on certain surfaces, just waiting for someone to come along and give it the chance to infiltrate.

By depriving viruses of a place to safely live, makes them soon die and means the fewer people they infect. Viruses can live on certain surfaces for days, on others me for hours, and on some for only minutes. When in contact with some types of surface, viruses die out even faster. If fast viral die off sounds good to you, you’ll be glad to have found the antimicrobial surface protection film installers in Florida, because Orlando Tint offers antimicrobial film to Florida residents and businesses up and down the Sunshine State.

We use HEXIS PURE ZONE antimicrobial film for Florida properties, and this adhesive surface protection film can create a surface inhospitable to viruses and other pathogens. That’s because HEXIS surface protection films are infused with silver ions that are deadly to microbes. This infusion process that creates a versatile, reliable anti-microbial surface protection film material that Florida business, homeowners, or vehicle owners can use to make themselves and other Floridians safer.

How PURE ZONE Antimicrobial Surface Protection Film Works

Silver has been known to have antimicrobial properties for years, and has for centuries been used in wound care and to more generally treat sickness. Silver’s antimicrobial properties help it kill off pathogens contact it, and the silver ions used in the HEXIS PURE ZONE film makes the silver all the more biologically deadly to germs and effective; so microbes that come into contact with PURE ZONE film quickly die out.

The list of microbes that PURE ZONE films can kill include bacteria and viruses like those that cause colds, the flu, and many other respiratory illnesses. Used in concert with best hygiene and disinfection practoces, this antimicrobial film helps create a safe environment in all sorts of different locations.

Anti-Microbial Residential Surface Protection Film for Florida Homes

The best way to stop yourself and family from getting sick with a virus is to shut off all contact with any other people until well weeks the known transmission period of the last cases of the sickness have gine by. But here in our real world, you can’t hide out at home forever.

The best way to make sure you stay safe is following all safety guidelines in place, like doing careful hand washing and wearing a mask outside, and inside making your home as safe as can be by stopping internal transmission of viruses.

In Florida residential antimicrobial film is a reliable way to stop the chances of transmission of viruses and to eliminate places viruses can live in the home while wait for host cells to infect. This durabe surface protection film can be cut and applied to countertops, glass doors, large windows, irregularly shaped windows, and more. Orlando Tint surface protection film installers can make your home safer against the spread of pathogens by limiting places viruses and bacteria can live in the home.

Commercial Antimicrobial Surface Protection Film for Businesses in Florida

In Florida commercial antimicrobial film is important whether you work in a clinical setting, as school, a nursing home, in a super market. Anywhere people occupy shared spaces – and especially if those spaces are ever shared by people with weakened immune health – PURE ZONE antimicrobial film is a must have.

This specialty anti-microbe film can be put on windows, display cases, screens, glass doors, and many other surfaces. It is well suited for laboratory settings, hospital use, nurseries, and in so many other places where the a virus could put human life at elevated threat.

Depending on which type of surface protection film you chose, PURE ZONE antimicrobial film can be put on windows, doors, interior walls, and generally on transparent surfaces and it won’t block the clarity because many types of this antimicrobial film are transparent. Orlando Tint also offers opaque films that can be put on other surfaces and that can make windows or glass doors private.

Orlando Tint film installers in Florida can complete anti-microbial film installations for all sorts of commercial properties up and down and across Florida, like offices, medical settings, retail outlets, restaurants, at schools, and so on.

We also work with public facilities like courts, police and fire stations, and other government buildings, applying antimicrobial films in Florida locations where people have to gather at times based on the nature of the location.

Florida Antimicrobial Film for Vehicles

If you’re the only person who ever uses your vehicle, then you don’t need to consider antimicrobial surface protection film for interior glass windows and windshields of the car, SUV or truck. If, on the other hand, you drive family or friends around, you drive a carpool for work, or if you are a delivery driver, you have a taxi or rideshare car, or if for any other reason often have others in or near your vehicle, anti-microbial window film is a must in Florida.

A vehicle can be a hotspot for microbe transmission because drivers and riders must share the same air in a tight, confined space, which create conditions where droplets potentially containing virus are exhaled, sneezed, or coughed in very close proximity to other people. Anti-microbial window film out on to the windows and of a vehicle can help ensure the vehicle is safer for people thanks to reduced places where a communicable disease can live.

Anti-Microbial Surface Protection Film Makes Transportation Safe in Florida

Public transportation is a bad offender when it comes to the spread of diseases among human beings. People who are jammed close together in trains cars, into busses, on planes, and aboard other forms of public vehicle are putting themselves in elevated danger for getting communicable diseases like a respiratory viruses. But the days must go on, so someone a transportation vehicle for the public should take all steps they can that ensure passengers will stay as healthy as possible. HEXIS PURE ZONE films offered by Orlando Tint can be put inside trains cars, in vans, aboard busses, and in many other forms of vehicle, stopping microbe buildup on surfaces that are so often touched by hands, breathed on, coughed on, and sneezed on by people who may potentially be ill with virus.

Orlando Tint HEXIS PURE ZONE Antimicrobial Films in Florida

Orlando Tint installation of an antimicrobial film in a Florida home, business, vehicle, or elsewhere does not mean the place is virus-proof and does not guarantee anyone’s total safety against sickness. What PURE ZONE window does is play a big role in helping keep you safer by removing large surface areas where microbes could live in theory.

Of course even with antimicrobial surface protection films in place, you need to follow standard health and safety precautions as needed given the conditions just as you would without the anti-microbe film in place. Also, this film should be regularly cleaned and disinfected with a reliable soap and antimicrobial wash solution, just like you would do with any other surface, like a countertop or table.