Dual Reflective and Metallic Window Films

dual reflective metallic window film
Crossfit Orlando Florida – 190 square feet of Huper Optik Fusion 10% reflective film. 99.9% UV rejection and 77% total solar heat rejection. Call for a completely free consulation 407-797-8386

Windows are a beautiful and common architectural feature in a home. They allow warmth, natural lighting and views of the outside world for an invigorating and pleasant environment. Unfortunately, they are also responsible for heat buildup, higher energy costs, excessive glare and the premature fading of interior furnishings.

This is not the case when people choose to install Huper Optik home window film. It is specially engineered to improve the desirable qualities of a window while at the same time filtering out the negative effects of untreated glass.

Types of Window Films

There are a number of options when selecting window film. The first is reflective mirror film. This makes viewers on the outside only see a reflection, and they cannot see through into the room. It also has a non-reflective, neutral inside finish so that individuals can see out easily. For these simple reasons, it is the most popular window film out there.

Frosted privacy window film is the best option for getting nearly 100 percent privacy and letting light in through the window. This is commonly used in bathrooms and other areas where it is important to be able not to see out. Opaque films are perfect for situations when people need 100 percent privacy from both directions. It will cut out all visibility.

A Unique Technology

Reflective window film uses a unique technology to help protect a person’s home. This is called Nano-Ceramic coating, and it consists of electrically conductive metal oxy-nitride that has intrinsic solar selectivity coming from its distinct molecular structure. Because of this, Nano-Ceramic coated mirrored window film is able to reject more heat and is more durable.

Using patented nano-deposition technology, it uses multiple layers of thin ceramic film to create a high performance glare and heat barrier. Aside from that, Nano-Ceramic film is 100 percent metal and dye-free. This marks the end of demetallization and fading dye woes that a lot of home window tinting installation processes bring.

What is even better is that a mirror tint with Nano-Ceramics has a warranty of confidence. This is because they are stringently-tested by independent testing laboratories for weatherability, UV, and IR. Additionally, they have a scratch-resistant hardcoat that conforms to the ECE 43 abrasion test.

huper optik fusion mirror film
Disney Express Transportation Facility Corporate Office | 1225 sqFT of Huper Optik Fusion 10% Privacy Film. International Airport window tint installation. 15 Year Commercial Warranty.

The Benefits

• Outstanding Performance

Residential window tinting using nano-deposition technology has a number of advantages. One of these is that it helps reduce energy bills. Without a reflective window film, windows let in solar radiation causing interior temperatures to rise, glare and exposure to damaging UV rays. It also renders certain rooms uninhabitable in particular times of day.

Additionally, during warm days, air conditioning can account for 20 to 50 percent of a home’s energy consumption. With a home window film from Huper Optik, up to 80 percent of infrared heat is rejected.

This helps people save up to 30 percent on energy costs from cooling while at the same time increasing interior comfort and their carbon foot print. Aside from that, over 98 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays are filtered. This protects a home’s interior from fading and damage.

Because it reduces glare by nearly 87 percent, it also makes it easier for people to work on a computer or watch television in the comfort of their home. People would not even know that it is there because it is made with distortion-free, ultra-clear material.

mirror window film commercial storefront
Huper Optik’s Fusion Dual-Reflective window film has a natural hue looking out as you can see in this picture. Beware of traditional silver window films which will result in a high interior reflection eliminating your evening and night time views out. Fusion 10 reflective window film providers 77% solar heat rejection and 99.9% ultra-violet ray rejection.

• Great Protection

Another benefit of installing mirrored window film with nano-deposition technology is that it helps protect a person’s home. Without residential window tinting, a window is more susceptible to accidental breakage that can expose a home’s inhabitants to dangerous shards of glass.

What is worse is that, without residential window tinting, a window can easily be broken by thieves thus giving them access to a home. When people choose to install a mirror tint, it keeps broken shards of glass together. This helps to deter illegal entry and protects people who are living inside the house.

• A Great Way to Upgrade

If people have plain interior windows in their home, home window tinting provides a great way to upgrade room designs. This is because it gives the window the look of expensive glass without the cost. It can also be easily removed if a person moves or would like to change the appearance of their window.

• Tax Benefits

Tax credits are another benefit that people get when they choose to install home window tinting. The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act reinstated federal tax credits for people who make certain energy efficient improvements to their home. This bill extends tax credits for energy efficient homes such as energy saving home window film.

A homeowner can receive a 30 percent credit for the cost of qualified energy efficient improvements up to $1500. This includes Huper Optik solar control reflective window film on doors, windows and skylights.