Battle Between Your Car’s Color and Your Window Tint

Other people are still complaining about the heat they experience in their cars though they have quality window tint installed. For some reason, they don’t seem to feel its cooling effect. This leads to the question, “Is there anything else that contributes to the heat inside the car?”

Based on the researches made by experts, believe it or not, the color of your car has something to do with your car cabin’s temperature. A research was done in 2005 measuring the temperature of car cabins. Two identical cars of the same exact model were used having different colors. One was white, and the other one was black.

Both were parked under the extreme heat of the sun, and it revealed that the black one was warmer by as much as 5 degrees Celsius. Another experiment was conducted in 2011 supporting this research. Identical cars with the same exact model, one is silver and another black, revealed the same result.

As we all know, dark colors absorb heat unlike the lighter ones. In vehicles, light-colored cars like white and silver reflect 60 percent of sunlight which helps cool the temperature inside the car.

Installers who provide pro tint near Winter Springs, Florida, may inform that car cabins do not heat up uniformly. On a typical hot day, the dashboard could warm up to 80 degrees Celsius, warmer than the windshield which is 70 degrees Celsius and the car cabin having 50 degrees Celsius.

To help your window tint cool down the car’s interior, in 2010 experts figured out that using a reflective sunshade could help. Sunshades placed on the front windshield reduced the heat of the dashboard by 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. It also cooled the air in the front interior of the cabin by as much as 10 degrees Celsius.

Given this conclusion, a reflective window tint in Winter Springs, Florida, may be a good option as it offers the highest in heat reduction. Although the sunshade was effective in cooling the dashboard, a window tint is more effective in cooling the car’s entire interior uniformly. The study showed that the sunshade only reduced the temperature in the car cabin by as much as 6 degrees Celsius. Window tints cooled it down as much as 8 degrees Celsius.

Window tinting in Winter Springs, Florida, has developed significantly. If you are planning to buy window tint near Winter Springs, Florida, choose a reflective tint.

Even though its price might be as high as residential window tinting cost around Winter Springs, Florida, it would still be worth it. Using reflective sunshade, your window tint will still win against your car’s color.