Benefits of Window Tinting For Your Home & Office

Tinting the windows of a vehicle, house, or boat, despite popular belief, is not simply useful for cosmetic reasons. In fact, there are a myriad of practical reasons for investing in a window tinting service. One reason is personal safety: window tinting augments UV ray blocking by over 95%, greatly reducing the risk of skin cancer for you and your family. As another side effect, for residential window tinting, your furniture will also experience much less sun damage (this is the reason that furniture looks faded over time). This means that tinting will not only make the outside of your house look better, but the inside as well! Residential window tinting, particularly in windy places such as Orlando, also protects your home from the elements, such as strong winds, or even disaster situations such as hurricanes if you order tinting which makes your windows shatter resistant.

Residential window tinting also provides a benefit of privacy, as you can order a special type of tint which prevents prying eyes from seeing from the outside, but allows full visibility from within the house. With increasing crime rates around the world, making sure that burglars can’t see your valuables can be important in saving not just your property, but potentially your family members’ lives. Another little known benefit is that window tinting can eventually pay for itself through reduced cooling costs, as the tinting also blocks unwanted heat. Due to tinting being potentially very affordable, the cooling cost reduction can pay for the tinting in as little as two years! As you can see, tinting has so many more vital uses than to just “look cool.”

Window tinting is especially cost effective if you own a small business. The aforementioned cooling cost reduction is augmented, as overhead costs are always a plague in the small business world. Another potential overhead reduction is the lower insurance premiums you would have to pay, which is VERY beneficial for a small business. However, window tinting can also provide a desired “look” which will attract customers, as in business, presentation is half the battle. Through reduced overhead and increased revenue, tinting will pay for itself for a small business very quickly.

However, to fully get these benefits, you have to choose the service that will provide the best window tint. After all, a shoddy tint job will just result in wasted money for little benefit (except maybe a cosmetic one). Many homeowners or business owners who have not done the proper research have had to pay exorbitant amounts for tinting which offers little UV protection or privacy due to inferior materials. You can easily avoid this problem, however, by choosing Ultimate Window Tinting, as we use Huper Optik, a world renowned tinting material supplier. Huper Optik is so well trusted that Fortune 500 companies use their tinting materials for many of their offices. we also offer FREE estimates with no obligation so that you can determine for yourself if window tinting is within your price range.

To further ensure satisfaction, Ultimate Window Tinting provides a lifetime warranty (something all too rare in things we buy today), proving their (well-placed) confidence in their product. So if you are even considering window tinting and live in Orlando, you should definitely take advantage of our free estimates, which will often pleasantly surprise you.
We do our service in a timely manner, as well. Often, a full tint job can be done in one or two hours, without any compromise in quality! This means you can have the tinting done while the family is eating out somewhere and have it done by the time you return, meaning there is little to no inconvenience to you, unlike other window tinting services which take their sweet time for an inferior product. There isn’t much reason for you to not get us to tint your windows for your house, car, or boat if you are even remotely considering it.