Best Ceramic Tint For 2022 Lexus IS 350 

We recently had the pleasure of tinting this beautiful 2022 Lexus IS 350. We used our best of the best Double Layer ceramic tint, this tint is the highest performing ceramic tint on the market. It offers the highest heat blocking abilities, 99% UV Protection, available in multiple shades choices, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. It will definitely help keep the driver and passenger more comfortable as we approach hot temperatures coming soon to Orlando Fl. 

The UV protection is not only beneficial for the driver and passengers but also for the vehicle’s interior. The Florida sun is known for fading and causing premature damage to dashboards.  With this double layer ceramic tint, it adds an extra layer of protection to help minimize damage and fading. 

We have multiple tint types and shades sure to fit your needs.  Call 407-542-6031 to schedule your vehicle or Click Here for your quote!