Best Ceramic Tint for Tesla Model 3 in Orlando Fl

Oftentimes window tint is only known to add privacy to your vehicle. That isn’t true when talking about ceramic tint. Ceramic tint is different because it rejects heat from the cab of the vehicle. For this Tesla Model 3 we took it one step further by using our double-layer ceramic tint which is the highest performing car tint on the market. 

The double layer ceramic tint doesn’t stop at maximum heat rejection, it is available in several shades and offers 99.9% UV protection for the interior as well as any passengers in the vehicle. For this Model 3 we used the double layer ceramic on the sides, full front windshield and we used a larger roll of film to tint the rear window seamlessly. Protecting all of the Model 3 windows is going to achieve the maximum benefits of the double ceramic tint. 

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