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At Ultimate Window Tinting, we offer the absolute best in ceramic window tint. Our ceramic tint options include: Huper Optik Ceramic, Llumar Formula One Stratos and Pinnacle, DUB iR Ceramic, and more.

We install window tints on all types of vehicles. We've installed tints on economy cars, trucks, sports cars, luxury cars and high-end super cars.

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High Quality Car Window Tints

Not all window tints are the same. Some are higher quality and last longer, others don’t. We recommend ceramic window tints because it blocks out the heat which is produced by infrared and light.

Our ceramic window film will help to prevent your interior upholstery from fading or cracking. Our premium window tinting film will outperform any dyed product no matter what shade that it is.

Ultimate Window Tinting has the the knowledge and experience to help you to decide upon the perfect auto tint is for you and your vehicle. Call now to setup an appointment!

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Professional Car Window Tints in Oviedo, Florida

Our professional window tinting service will add a nice aesthetic to your car, and it'll also make your car a lot cooler during hot summer days in Oviedo, Florida. Call Ultimate Window Tinting now. We'll exceed your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do People Tint Their Car Windows in Oviedo, Florida?

Car window tinting is very popular, especially among people who live in very hot areas such as Oviedo, Florida. People choose to get their car windows tinted for many reasons such as:

Reduced glare: Sun rays can often block your view while you’re driving which is dangerous and could lead to a car accident. Window tint reduces glare and makes driving a car on a sunny day more enjoyable.

Increased safety: Since window tint eliminates glare, driving becomes safer as you're not distracted by the sun and can see clearly.

Regulated temperature: Another reason why people tint their car windows is that the film cools down your car naturally. This means you use the AC system less frequently.

Window tint protects the interior of your car. Sun rays can damage your car seats and lead to fading and cracking. Window tint slows this process down and protects the interior.

Should You Get Your Car Windows Tinted?

If you live in Oviedo, Florida and you haven’t yet decided if you want to tint your car windows, now is the time to do so. By installing ceramic film on your car windows not only will you help keep your car cooler during hot Florida summers, but you'll also protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

If you choose to get your car windows tinted, you'll also enjoy driving more because the glare will be eliminated. Also less distractions, such as glare from the sun, leads to less accidents. If you fear someone will break into your car (which most of us do) and steal your valuables, you won’t need to worry as much if you get your car windows tinted. Criminals are less likely to attempt to break into a car with tinted windows because they can’t see what’s inside.

How Much Does Car Window Tinting Cost in Oviedo, Florida?

The cost of car window tints in Oviedo, Florida depends on a few factors. First of all, it depends on what type of window film you choose (ceramic, metallic, dyed window film. etc). It also depends on the complexity of the installation.

But on average, you can expect that getting your car windows tinted will cost you around $300-$600 for all four doors. The basic type of window tint doesn’t cost a lot (around $99) but higher-performing window film is more expensive and the prices go up to $600 for the entire car.

If you want quality window tint and quality installation, you might be expected to pay a higher price. However, the benefits of investing in car window tints are numerous. As they say, you get what you pay for. If you want to know more about window tinting costs in Oviedo, Florida, contact us for a consultation.

How Dark Can You Tint Your Car Windows in Oviedo, Florida?

When it comes to car window tinting in Oviedo, Florida, there are certain rules defined by law that you must respect. The rules are also different for sedans and SUVs so you should familiarize yourself with the law before you make a decision. For windshields, the Florida law allows non-reflective window film. For front side windows, you must use the window film that allows more than 28% of light in. The back side window and the rear windows can be darker (must allow more than 15% of light in).

For SUVs (and vans), the rules are a bit different. Window film on the back side windows and rear window must allow more than 6% of light in. The rules for the windshield and the front window are the same. Make sure you are aware of how dark you can go when it comes to tinting your car windows. Ultimate Window Tinting in Oviedo, Florida is available for a consultation so call us anytime!

How Long Does Car Window Tints Last?

The better the window film is, the longer it will last. This means that if you invest in a higher-performing car window film and hire a good car window tinting company to handle the installation, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of it for a longer time.

While the basic type of window film is more affordable, it doesn’t guarantee durability. And the same goes for the quality of service. If you hire an inexperienced window tinting company, you will hardly be satisfied with the results.

Cheaper types of window film might not last very long (about 1-2 years). Even though it’s affordable, it’s not a smart investment. Why waste money? It’s much better to invest in premium quality window film and enjoy the benefits for up to a decade.

Will The Window Tint Keep Your Car Cooler?

Yes, it will. Window film helps keep the car cooler which is super important for residents of Oviedo, Florida as summers can be very hot. Using the car's air conditioner system 24/7 wastes fuel, but keeping the heat out of the car is a priority. The tint on your car windows reduces heat by blocking sun rays which means that you won’t be using the AC system as much as you used to. Quality window tint can prevent up to 60% of heat and make a car ride much more enjoyable when it’s hot outside.

What Tint Is Best For Cars?

There are many great types of car window tint in Oviedo, Florida that you can choose from. Your choice depends on your budget and your needs, of course. If you wish to protect your skin from premature aging and skin cancer, but still have great visibility while driving, you should consider dyed window film.

Metallic window film blocks UV rays but also reduces heat in the car and it is very durable. It’s worth investing in since you won’t have to think about window tinting again in a long time. If reducing glare is your primary concern, a ceramic film is a way to go. It blocks up to 99% of UV rays, the film does not fade, and it ensures you’re not distracted by glare while driving.

We recommend a 35% window film (for your front window) and about 20% for the rear window and the back side windows. However, when choosing the window film for your car, take note of the Florida car window tinting laws. Contact us for more information on the types of car window tint.

What Are The Benefits of Tinting Your Car Windows?

Clearly, the benefits of getting your car windows tinted are numerous. If you’re considering installing window film on your car windows, you should know what you’re getting in return for your investment.

Window Film:

• Blocks UV rays which are extremely damaging and thus protects your skin from skin diseases and premature aging. Research indicates that more than half of all skin cancers in the United States appear precisely because of the exposure to the sun while you’re driving.

• Reduces heat and helps keep the car cool thus reducing the use of AC system.

• Deters criminals from breaking into your car as it prevents them from seeing what kind of valuables you have inside.

• Increases safety while driving: you’re more focused on the road when you’re not distracted by glare.

• Protects the interior of your car and prevents fading and cracking.

Why You Should Hire Ultimate Window Tinting For Your Car?

While the benefits of getting your car windows tinted are numerous, they're not necessarily guaranteed. This depends on the window tinting company that you hire to install the film. As a rule, the quality of the window tint depends on the quality of the service/installation. If you hire a professional company with years of experience, you are guaranteed to enjoy all the benefits and for a long time too.

Ultimate Window Tinting is a highly-professional window tinting company in Oviedo, Florida. We provide excellent service and make sure that your money is not wasted. Invest in your safety by investing in us. Call us today and we'll help protect you and your car.

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