Choosing Ceramic Pro in Orlando

Orlando Tint has long been the lead installer of automotive window tint in Orlando, Florida, serving both the metro population as well as drivers all across Central Florida and up and down the Sunshine State. But in recent years, we have also specialized in coating cars in Orlando with Ceramic Pro, the world’s best permanent nano-ceramic protective auto coating material. And in fact as awareness has grown of the amazing protection offered by this durable, versatile, and optically invisible coating technology, more and more customers have come to us both for automotive window film and for Ceramic Pro or for application of this protective coating alone.

Ceramic Pro creates a molecular bond with vehicle paint, glass, vinyl wrap, carbon fiber, plastics, and other polymers, forming a permanent protective barrier over a vehicle’s exterior. This amazingly thin, clear barrier keeps the car’s exterior protected against common factors like water streaks and spots that can leave permanent marks with time, solar fading and the corrosion caused by long-term exposure to salty air or humidity, and so on. Ceramic Pro also protects vehicle paint, vinyl, glass, and other surfaces from more immediate causes of damage, such as scratches caused by flying road debris or brambles that reach out into the roadway or into a parking space, stains or discoloration caused by a fuel, oil, or chemical spill, minor dents caused by hail, and the like.

In short, once Orlando Tint coats your vehicle with one of the superior Ceramic Pro products we offer, including Ceramic Pro 9H and Ceramic Pro Strong, the vehicle’s exterior will be better protected against myriad sorts of damage. That means it will look better each and every day and will retain more resale value over the years.

Ceramic Pro Price with Orlando Tint

Thousands of people have recently asked us how much does Ceramic Pro cost? Orlando area drivers are particularly interested in the price of Ceramic Pro because they know that the cost of a brand new auto paint job or a total new vinyl wrap for a car will cost even more than a coating of Ceramic Pro. While we can confirm that it is certainly more affordable to get a coating of Ceramic Pro to protect your car against damage than it is to restore and re-paint or re-wrap a damaged vehicle, we don’t give out general prices for Ceramic Pro application. That’s because every Ceramic Pro application is a custom job tailored just for your specific car, truck or SUV.

If you want to know the cost of Ceramic Pro installation in Orlando for your vehicle, then just fill out the form on our site. We will gladly reply in short order with an estimate assembled specifically for your automobile, and we will base our rates on the vehicle’s age, type, condition, and on the specific Ceramic Pro products and/or packages that you want for your car.

Orlando Tint’s Ceramic Pro Gold Package for Central Florida

The Orlando Tint Ceramic Pro Gold Package is the single best way to protect the exterior of a car because the Ceramic Pro Gold Package consists of five complete layers of Ceramic Pro coating. The Gold Package starts with four layers of the highly protective formula known as Ceramic Pro 9H thanks to its exceptional toughness — 9H refers to the hardness of the coating. Ceramic Pro 9H bonds with the car’s painted or wrapped surfaces, and each subsequent layer of Ceramic Pro 9H forms a molecular-level bond with the coating beneath it. The effect is a protective barrier that is still just nanometers thick and that is invisible to the naked eye, yet that is amazingly durable and protective and that will keep your car safe from scratches, abrasion, fading, and more.

But that’s not all you get with the Orlando Tint Ceramic Pro Gold Package. Over those four layers of Ceramic Pro 9H goes a coating of Ceramic Pro Light. This super hydrophobic formula sheds water with ease, preventing streaks and water spots and keeping your car looking cleaner and glossier at all times. Ceramic Pro Light is used over the vehicle’s body and glass, so you will enjoy its UV light blocking benefits inside the cabin of the car. By blocking ultraviolet light, Ceramic Pro Light prevents fading to upholstery and hardware and even protects the skin of the driver and passengers from sun damage.

Why More People Come to Orlando Tint for Ceramic Pro 9H

Ceramic Pro 9H gets its name thanks to the amazing scratch resistance of this durable formula. On the scale used by mineralogists to determine the hardness of a gem, stone, or other mineral, only diamonds are rated as a 10. We think that a hardness rating of 9H is an admirable score, therefore, and are proud to offer Ceramic Pro 9H in Orlando Florida. This glossy, hydrophobic, scratch resistant, anti-graffiti, and permanent vehicle exterior protection formula applies evenly over the surface of your car in liquid form, then sets to create a barrier that will protect the car for up to 30 years.

With Ceramic Pro 9H applied by Orlando Tint, your vehicle will never need another exterior protective coating applied unless you choose to re-paint or re-wrap your ride. And when you have Ceramic Pro 9H applied in multiple layers, such as we offer with the Ceramic Pro Gold Package, the level of protection only increases.

Flawless Vehicle Paint Correction In Orlando FL

At Orlando Tint we use a simple but important approach to our Ceramic Pro coating work: you would not frame a picture that had damage requiring repair, so don’t coat a vehicle that needs paint restoration. Unlike many vehicle exterior coating companies in Orlando Florida, we don’t send you away for paint correction, but instead offer complete auto paint restoration and vehicle vinyl wrap repair services here on our premises. We will remove swirls, scratches, and abrasions and fix fading and discoloration in auto paint or will restore or outright replace damaged vinyl wrap prior to completing a Ceramic Pro Coating. That way, the coated vehicle looks its best at the time of the Ceramic Pro application, and its great looks will be protected for many years to come. Our paint correction services are yours for a competitive rate and are guaranteed to bring satisfaction.