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commercial window tinting Goya Orlando
Goya Foods Orlando, Florida window film removal and installation of Huper Optik Fusion 10% privacy window tint

Commercial Window Film Installation

Ultimate Window Tinting ensures commercial businesses investment with 15 year commercial window film warranty. Goya Foods Orlando, Florida contracted Ultimate Window Tinting to remove and replace with a Huper optik Fusion 10% designers choice for privacy, 77% heat rejection and reflective exterior metal properties. The glass in this scenario was bronze factory tinted from the manufacturer, which ended up with a shiny bronze exterior, aesthethically it blended perfect with the building.

commercial window tinting Goya Orlando
Goya Foods Orlando, Florida window film removal and installation of Huper Optik Fusion 10% privacy window tint
privacy window tint
Window film for privacy also provides 99.9% ultra violet ray protection which will not only save your furniture and drapes but also your skin from the harmful rays.

The removal process of window film with old purple car film on a building makes removal tough. Many companies that use automotive films to tint commercial and residential properties actually cause more heat to enter the property. The reason is because the black finish in the film absorbs the heat, when a dark film is applied to double pane windows it will cause the seal to fail and a haze will appear
in-between the two panes. The proper way to remove window film especially on homes and businesses is with stainless steel triumph blades. The stainless is a softer material, the cost is more expensive however well worth it.

window tint removal
Before the film could be installed, the existing window film had to be removed. It had deteriorated because it was actually an automotive film which is not meant to withstand the direct sunlight flat glass residential and commercial windows received from the hot Florida sun.

This particular window film project in Orlando, Florida also included the security office / guard office window tinting. The energy saving window film is not only for privacy but also included high heat rejection. Huper optik fusion 10% blocks out 77% heat rejection as well as 99% UV-Rays. The film is a dual reflective film which makes it easier to see out compared to traditional films with high interior reflections. The guard box air conditioner will actually be able to maintain the thermostat setting instead of running all day.

guard gate window tint
Window film installation for guard gates and clubhouses. One way privacy reflective film allows for the security guard to see out while providing privacy looking in.

The benefit of choosing Huper Optik for your next window film project should be given on the fact that there manufacturers warranty is 15-year as opposed to other brands at 5-10 years. When commercial building facilities managers and owners want to see a ROI (return on investment) in the energy sector then window film is the way to go. Depending on the products used the average cost savings on electric bills is roughly 25%-30%. On large buildings usually ROI is between 1.5 – 3 years. Many energy companies are offering incentives to customers, usually $1 per square foot. Tax incentives of upto 10% are also given to commercial buildings and offices that invest in window film.

goya foods window film install
All of our vans are equipped with scaffolding, pump sprayers, ladders, drop clothes, and experienced, licensed and insured professional window film installers.

When completing commercial window film installations it is very important that the company is licensed and insured. Also quality window films come with a 15 year commercial warranty, which is why we use Huper Optik window film. Customer satisfaction is always key which is why Ultimate Window Tinting makes every client have a seamless installation. All of our company vehicles come equipped with Drop Cloths, ladders, scaffold for the elevated windows, and pump sprayers. All technicians are trained professional installers that want the customer to be satisfied to the fullest extent.