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At Ultimate Window Tinting, we offer the highest quality solar window tints for commercial properties in Maitland, Florida. Our solar window film will give you relief from the sun, and reduce the temperature inside your commercial building during the summer.

We install window tints on all types of commercial buildings and properties. We've installed tints for small businesses, big companies, and industrial properties in Maitland, Florida.

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High Quality Commercial Window Tints in Maitland, FL

Not all commercial window tints are the same. Some are higher quality and last for many decades, while others are very low quality and barely last a year.

Our high quality commercial window tint films will control the heat from the sun, offer UV protection, and provide security. Our premium window tinting film will outperform all dyed window tints.

Ultimate Window Tinting is the most experienced window tinting company in Maitland, and we'll help you to choose the perfect tint for your business and/or commercial property. Call now!

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Professional Commercial Window Tints in Maitland, Florida

Our professional window tinting service will add a professional look to your commercial property. Tinted windows will also make your commercial property a lot cooler during hot summer days in Maitland, Florida. Call Ultimate Window Tinting now for a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do People Tint Their Commercial Windows in Maitland, Florida?

People tint their commercial windows for various reasons, especially in the summer. The sunny days and heat that Florida is known for can make working in an office with non-tinted windows quite difficult. The sun causes glare which is the number one threat to productivity. Due to glare, employees cannot focus on their work. Window tint reduces glare and makes working on a computer easier.Of course, there is a myriad of other reasons why people choose to tint their commercial windows in Maitland, Florida. We will mention the most important ones and explain a bit about the benefits of commercial window tinting.

Should You Get Your Commercial Windows Tinted in Maitland, Florida?

If you own a commercial property in Maitland, Florida, you should consider tinting your windows. Commercial window tinting is no longer a luxury, but a necessary investment that can bring your business numerous benefits.By tinting your commercial windows, you will create a refreshing space that your employees, as well as your customers, will look forward to entering. Not to mention that the overall appearance of the building will be significantly improved.

Commercial property owners decide to tint their commercial windows in Maitland, Florida to reduce the heat inside the premises as well. In fact, this is the main reason why people chose to invest in window tinting.The tint blocks up to 70%-80% of the heat thus keeping your building cool even during the warmest months in Florida. This also helps boost productivity as it helps people focus on their work.

How Much Does Commercial Window Tinting Cost in Maitland, Florida?

The cost of commercial window tinting in Maitland, Florida varies depending on several factors. The primary factor is the quality of the tint, of course.Manufacturers have created various types of window film from the basic, budget kind to high-quality, high-performance varieties. The better the quality, the higher the price of the film.

On average, window tinting costs about $7 per square foot, however, the price will go up depending on the type of the film as well as the window tinting company you hire to install the film. Not all companies charge the same fee for the installation.If you’re looking to tint your commercial windows in Maitland, Florida, contact us to discuss the price and we'll give you a free estimate.

How Dark Can You Tint Your Commercial Windows in Maitland, Florida?

When tinting your commercial windows in Maitland, Florida, you are free to choose whatever film you like, regardless of how dark it is. Just as the cost of the tint varies, so does the style and color. For example, you can tint your commercial windows with a clear tint that is unnoticeable. You can install window film with custom printing with your company logo on it or whatever custom window graphics you want.The Florida law regulates how dark you can tint your car windows, but not your residential or commercial windows. For more information, contact us here at Ultimate Window Tinting.

How Long Does Commercial Window Tint Last?

If successfully applied, window film can last for a decade or more, provided it is also a high-performance tint. On the other hand, the cheaper, basic type of window film has a short lifespan.To reap the benefits of commercial window tinting, we strongly recommend investing in one of the higher-quality tints for your commercial property. Why?Because as we already said, it’s an investment in your business, and you want it to pay off.

The high-quality tint will stand for years and years providing the same benefits as it did when it was first installed. You get your money’s worth and everyone’s happy.With cheaper tint, especially if the installation process is poorly done, you can’t expect the film to last long. It may start to break down after only a few years.This is why it is important to also hire a reliable window tinting company with extensive experience in the installation of the window film.

Will Window Tint Keep Your Commercial Property Cooler in Maitland, Florida?

Definitely. Window film can keep your commercial property much cooler compared to a home without tinted windows. We all know the struggles of trying to maintain our homes and our offices cool during the warm Florida summer. Even with the air-conditioning on, we’re still not satisfied because the AC tends to give people headaches and what’s more, as soon as you turn it off, the premises start to warm up again.

Window film blocks up to 80% of the heat from entering the building. This means the premises will stay cool even without the AC on. As a result, your energy bill will be significantly reduced since you won’t have to use the air-conditioning system to keep the building pleasantly cool all summer.

Which Tint is Best For Commercial Properties in Maitland, Florida?

When it comes to choosing the best window film for your commercial property in Maitland, Florida, the answer depends on your needs. Is your primary goal enhancing the appearance of your building? If so, then the decorative tint is a good choice.If you’re mostly concerned with reducing heat and protecting your skin, you should get a high-performance solar film.If, on the other hand, your primary concern is safety, there is a window film for that too.

Safety/security tint protects the glass and keeps it together in case of an accident when the glass is shattered. This protects both your employees and your customers.If you need help deciding on the best tint for your commercial property, give us a call and we’ll guide you through the many options.

What Are The Benefits of Tinting Your Commercial Windows in Maitland, Florida?

As we previously said, there are numerous benefits of commercial window tinting in Maitland, Florida. Below are the most important ones:

- Window film blocks the heat from entering the premises thus keeping your building cool without using the AC.

- Aside from blocking heat, the tint also blocks the damaging UV rays that are known to pose a threat to our health. The tint thus protects your skin from premature aging and serious skin issues such as cancer.

- Window tint reduces glare and makes working on a computer or participating in a presentation much easier.

- The tint is effective all year: it blocks the heat in the summer but traps it inside in the winter thus reducing your energy bills for both cooling and heating. This means you get to save a significant amount of money.

- Applying window tint on your commercial property enhances the appearances of your building.

- Window tint protects your employees and customers by keeping the glass together in case it gets shattered.

Why You Should Hire Ultimate Window Tinting For Your Commercial Property in Maitland, Florida?

It is not enough to simply purchase a high-quality film. It takes a quality window tinting company to handle the installation so that you can enjoy the benefits of the tint for many years.Ultimate Window Tinting is a professional, trusted company in Maitland, Florida. We have installed tint on countless commercial and residential properties. Our team is experienced and has the necessary skills to complete the installation error-free.If you’re interested in getting your commercial windows tinted, call us anytime to schedule a free consultation.

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