Differences Between Window Tint Near Me for Cars and Homes

Window tint near me for homes and buildings is referred to as flat glass film. Window tints installed on vehicles are referred to as automotive tint.

Both window tinting materials have the same purpose, and that is to keep the inside of a home, office, or car more comfortable which can be unbearable because of the intense glare and heat caused by the sun.

Home window tinting near Maitland, Florida provides protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Car window film around Maitland, Florida also provides the same protection. The protection is both for you and your family as well as the interiors of your home, building, and vehicle.

Additionally, both flat glass film and automotive tint provide an extra layer of protection to home and vehicle windows to increase their durability.

Home window tints and automotive tints are different in a lot of ways. For one, window tint near me for home windows comes with a more permanent and durable adhesive. Here are more of their differences.

Sun Treatment

Car shades window tinting around Maitland, Florida absorb the energy of the sun. When the car is running, it is able to pull away the heat making the interior of the car cooler. When it is parked, it can cause the car’s interior to be hotter than when it is without tinting.

On the other hand,flat glass tint prevents the heat of the sun from heating the windows. Thus, the building does not need to be in motion for its interiors to be cool.

Visible Light Transmission

Coastal tinting near Maitland, Florida for vehicles allow the interiors to be visible from the outside to a certain extent.  This is because there are state laws regarding the darkness of car tints.

Window tints for homes and offices do not have restrictions on darkness and reflective properties. Most home and building window tints do not allow any view from the outside.


While stained glass film in Maitland, Florida is suitable for home and building windows, automotive tints should be of a plain and solid design.


Heat can be used to shrink automotive tint such that it can be easily applied on the curved surfaces of vehicle’s windows. Automotive tint should never be used on home or building windows as it can cause the windows to break.

Automotive and flat glass tints both increase window durability and provide protection against the sun. However, in choosing a window tint near me, remember that automotive tint should only be used in vehicles and flat glass tint should only be used in homes and buildings.