Double Layer Ceramic for 2021 Tesla Model 3

We had the pleasure of working with this Tesla owner and providing them not only with an all-over sleek new look to their vehicle but also by applying this double-layer ceramic film that came with more benefits than they hoped for.

This film offers over 80% infrared rejection as well as 99.9% UV protection. With that being said, this film will not only protect their skin from the harmful sun’s UV rays protruding through those once bare glass windows but also will block out a great amount of heat entering the vehicle.

By applying this film you also get the benefit of overall privacy and protection for your belongings inside your vehicle. This Nano-Ceramic film also reduces any annoying glare and is very durable as well as scratch-resistant. This film is capable of holding together any shattered glass that may occur while driving or in the event of an accident. 

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