Formula One Pinnacle Tint for a Honda Civic In Orlando

Window Tint That Adds Style and Protects Interiors

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Honda Civics really do last amazingly well even after many years and many miles. Take this 2000 model year Honda Civic we recently worked on. The car drives like a gem and still looks great. Of course part of that is due to how well the owner maintained his car, but it’s also just a testament to fine engineering.

But no amount of good auto design can stop the sun from damaging the interior of a car, especially not with the amount of sunshine we get here in Orlando. Window tinting for Honda Civic, however, can stop interior sun damage, and it can make a car look great, too.

Pinnacle 15 window tint for a Honda Civic in Orlando.

Privacy Tint for a More Comfortable Drive

This Honda Civic owner chose a dark Llumar Formula One Pinnacle tint for his vehicle. Pinnacle 15, the type we applied, allows 15% light transmission and consequently looks almost black from the outside. That ensures the driver near total privacy while inside the car, making driver and passengers alike more at ease and even safer when in the cabin. Tinting also physically reinforces the glass, preventing the chance of it breaking in an accident, during a break-in attempt, or in storm conditions.