Great Ceramic Tint for Toyota 4Runner In Orlando Fl

Ceramic tint for Toyota 4Runner in Orlando FL

Our team recently completed tinting this 2021 Toyota 4 Runner. Oftentimes these vehicles have factory tint on the rear door and rear windshield. While this tint does offer privacy,  factory tint does not offer UV protection or heat rejection. Our ceramic film offers both heat reduction and 99% UV protection. Which makes it a popular option for window tint here in Orlando Fl. For this 4Runner we were able to darken the factory tint and match the front 2 untinted windows to give it a more uniform appearance while giving our client the heat rejection, privacy, and UV protection they desired.

Ceramic tint for 4Runner in Orlando Fl

Why is ceramic tint better? Our ceramic tint uses nanoparticle technology which will stop most of the Florida heat from entering through the windows. This film has 99% UV protection, comes in a wide variety of shade choices, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Call 407-542-6031 to schedule your vehicle or Click Here for your quote!