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Heat Blocking Car Window Tints in Orlando, FL

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#1 Heat Blocking Car Window Tints in Orlando, Florida

At Ultimate Window Tinting, we offer first class heat blocking window tints in Orlando, Florida. Our heat blocking tint options include: Huper Optik Ceramic, Llumar Formula One Stratos and Pinnacle, DUB iR Ceramic, and more.

We can install professional window tints on all types of vehicles. We've installed heat blocking tints on economy cars, large trucks, hyper-cars, luxury cars and limos.

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High Quality Heat Blocking Car Window Tints

Not all heat blocking window tints are created equal. Some are higher quality and last decades, while others do not. We recommend our professional grade ceramic window tints because it blocks out the heat the best which is produced by infrared and light.

Our ceramic window film will help to prevent your interior upholstery from fading and cracking. Our premium heat blocking window tints will outperform any dyed tints no matter what shade it is.

Ultimate Window Tinting has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect tint film for you and your vehicle in Orlando, Florida. Call now to setup an appointment!

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Professional Heat Blocking Car Window Tints in Orlando, Florida

Our professional heat blocking car window film will add a nice aesthetic to your car, and it'll also make your car a lot cooler during hot summer days in Orlando, Florida. Call Ultimate Window Tinting now for pricing. We will exceed your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Ultimate Window Tinting, we offer the best window tinting services in Orlando, Florida. Our heat blocking window film provides relief from the sun by regulating the temperature inside and protects your upholstery from fading. We install heat blocking film on all types of cars including Tesla (Model S, Model 3, Model X, and soon Model Y as well). We also ensure that you are compliant with the Florida car window tinting laws.

What Is Heat Blocking Film?

Heat blocking tint is a type of automotive film that enables temperature control in your car thus protecting you from the heat. However, this protective film does so much more than blocking the heat. It also blocks the harmful UV rays, reduces glare, and prevents heat loss in the winter. Heat blocking film rejects the heat preventing it from entering inside your car. This means that your vehicle stays pleasantly cool even when it’s parked outside in the sun. This makes driving in Florida much more pleasant for both you and the passengers. By blocking heat, the film also blocks the ultraviolet rays which are known to have a dangerous effect on our skin when we’re frequently exposed to it.

How Efficient is Heat Blocking Window Film on Your Car?

Heat blocking car window film is also very efficient at reducing glare which can distract you while driving and obscure your view. High-quality films reduce up to 80% of glare allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. Another feature of heat blocking film is that it reduces heat loss in the winter. It helps prevent the heat from leaving the car keeping the car warmer. There are many types of heat blocking films with different shades/colors and varying costs. Higher-quality films tend to be more expensive albeit they provide the best protection from heat. However, when choosing the shade, you should consider the Florida car window tinting laws to see how dark you can go.

Why Apply Heat Blocking Tint on Your Car Windows?

If you live in Orlando or anywhere in Florida really, you know the struggles of driving in the summer. The heat tends to build up in the car while it’s parked making it extremely difficult to cool it off later. Not to mention the fact that both you and your loved ones are exposed to the sun while driving.

Long-term sun exposure is known to cause issues such as premature aging, skin cancer, or cause problems with certain allergies. Applying heat blocking film on your car windows helps prevent these skin issues by not allowing the heat inside. The film can block up to 80% of the heat, depending on the type of film you choose. This means reduced use of the air-conditioning system which is beneficial especially if some of the passengers don’t enjoy the AC. Not only is your car cooler but you and your loved ones are safer too. High-quality films also block up to 99% of UV rays.

Does Heat Blocking Window Tints Prevent Glare?

Glare is also a familiar problem that irritates all drivers because it prevents them from focusing on the road. Glare can make driving quite difficult and risky given that it can affect other people’s lives. Heat blocking film reduces glare and makes it much easier to focus on driving. By blocking the UV rays, the heat blocking film also protects your upholstery from fading. Additionally, it helps keep the car warmer in the winter by keeping the heat inside. Installing a heat control film on your car windows is one of the best investments you can make for you and your family. Not only does it make driving more enjoyable but also protects your health.

Why You Should Hire Ultimate Window Tinting to Install Heat Blocking Car Window Tints

Ultimate Window Tinting has been providing car window tinting services to Orlando, Florida, and the greater area since 2002. We have installed automotive film on thousands of cars using quality equipment only. We use the best automotive film available to provide relief from the heat, UV rays, glare, and protect your upholstery from fading. We are proud to say that all our protective films come with a lifetime warranty. Here at Ultimate Window Tinting, quality service is guaranteed. Interested in getting your car windows tinted in Orlando, Florida? Call us today or send us a text and schedule your free consultation!

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