Heat Blocking Tint for Home in Orlando FL

We had the pleasure of meeting with this homeowner to discuss concerns brought on by this home’s beautiful large windows. 

This home’s HVAC system was under stress trying to maintain a cool temperature inside and due to the size of the windows, the heat coming in from the hot Florida sun was not making this efficient. 

During the Free consultation, we were able to go over film samples and provide recommendations. For this home, we used a reflective solar tint that blocks out the maximum amount of heat. This reflective solar window tint also controls glare and light, helping to reduce the strain on their eyes. 

The interior of this home and the homeowners are also now protected against UV thanks to this reflective solar tint. No worry of excessive UV exposure on their skin it will also help reduce the amount of fading of the interior of the home; such as flooring, decor, and furniture. 

We have several types of tint and shades to meet the needs of all different varieties. Schedule your free consultation today! Call 407-542-6031 to schedule your free consultation or Click Here!