Heat Rejection and UV Protection Window Tint for House in Winter Garden

Featuring XPEL Clear View Plus 40 PS

The Homeowners of this beautiful Winter Garden Residence were in need of heat reduction and UV protection. They wanted to make sure that whatever option they ended up going with would provide excellent heat rejection and UV protection for the interior but also that it wouldn’t cause any glare or a reflection or be an inconvenience to anyone using the pool that the windows were overlooking. After a free, brief consultation with our expert team, the Homeowners were able to have their questions answered and decided that the XPEL Clear View Plus 40 PS, a heat-rejecting film, was the best fit for their needs. 

XPEL Clear View Plus 40 PS is virtually undetectable and uses multi-layered film construction and spectrally selective technology to keep heat out while still allowing the light you love in. Along with offering UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays, it also offers to reduce glare while improving visibility. By reducing heat, XPEL Clear View Plus 40 PS will also help lower energy costs which also translates into less wear and tear on your HVAC system and long-term savings. Call 407-542-6031 to schedule your free consultation or Click Here