How to Care and Maintain Your House Window Tint

Improving energy efficiency has never been better when house windows are installed with window tint. Solar heat gain inside the house rises to 7–10% because sun rays get through glass windows.Unfortunately, air conditioning could not keep up with cooling the entire house, so having window tint installed is a must-have!

Benefits of Tinted Glass Windows

Tinting house windows cost in Wekiva Springs, Florida, varies depending on size and number of windows.But you must know why window tint is a must-have:

1. Reduces cooling costs up to 30% so it keeps home comfortably cool especially in the summer.

2. Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays .

  • Thus, protects flooring, furnishings, and textiles from fading.
  • More importantly, protects family from health risks.

3. Reduces glare on television and computer screen.

4. Holds glass shards in place when window breaks because of a violent storm or an accident.

Taking Care of Your Residential Tinted Windows

In taking care of residential tinted windows in Wekiva Springs, Florida, don’t be alarmed when you see small water pockets after tinting house windows. This is atypical part of tinting adhesive process which is called “curing.” It may take up to a month for the film to be fully cured.This process is long because the remaining water used during the installation must evaporate through the film. So be patient and take extra care when dusting off your brand-new tinted windows.

Maintenance of Tinted Glass Windows

After the film used for tinting house windows is completely dry and “cured,” it is then safe to clean. Here are a few tips to properly maintain your tinted glass windows for houses near Wekiva Springs, Florida:

1. Clean the windows facing east only at night to give it enough time to cool down.

2. Avoid glass cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals because they will damage the film.Instead, use home-made solutions like:

  • water and mild soap or baby shampoo
  • water and vinegar

3. Avoid rough materials like scrubbing pads, kitchen paper towels or newspapers. Use any of these materials:

  • Soft cotton towels
  • Microfiber cloth

4. Clean windows by spraying enough solution to slightly dampen the surface then gently wipe off with overlapping strokes.

Proper care and maintenance of tinted window glass around Wekiva Springs, Florida, is now a trend because it can extend its lifespan from 10 to 15 years. Follow the above tips to keep them clean and to prolong their use.

Installation service and other fees involved may be costly, but house window tinting around Wekiva Springs, Florida, is a wise decision to avoid family health risks and to protect furnishingsin your house. Hence, it is best not to delay having window tint installed.