In What Ways Are Static and Regular Window Tint Different?

There seems to be much confusion between regular window tint and static cling film. There are certain factors that should be considered when choosing on which to use for your professional glass tinting in Conway, Florida.

Static window film in Conway, Florida does not have any adhesives making it easier and simpler to install than regular window tinting. It has an almost mess-free installation too. Static films can be applied on any surface as long as they are smooth, so they are not limited to be used only on glasses. On the other hand, regular tint films are adhesive-based window tints.

Rejecting UV Rays

Static and regular window tint are capable of blocking up to 99% of the UV rays. Therefore, you can use any of this type of film for your limo tint in Conway, Florida.

Rejecting Heat

Regular tints perform better than static films in terms of rejecting heat. Static cling films do not reflect heat as much as regular films do. This means static films absorb heat, while regular tints reflect heat from the home’s interior.

After absorbing too much heat, static films transfer the heat inside the home. As such, static films are not suitable for dual-pane windows. Regular tints are most ideal for these windows which are the standard design for most window construction.

Maintaining the View

Windows with regular tints provide more optical clarity as compared to the thicker static films. Regular tints are unnoticeable when installed in windows. Static films are easily detected because they come with minimal to extreme optical distortions. Static films are removable.

Performance in Winter

During winter, you can remove the static window film and allow the winter sun to provide some warmth to your home. On the other hand, regular window tint will allow the heat of the sun to weaken. Regular tints have insulation properties, but it is not substantial enough.

Installation and Maintenance

Both static and regular window tints are easy to install and maintain. Static film is removable, but care must be done in removing and reinstalling it. It can be difficult to clean too.  Because of its static nature, it can easily attract dust as well as small debris and particles to stick on it.

On the contrary, regular window tints are permanent. Once installed, they cannot be removed. A breeze cleaning and maintenance is needed, and harsh chemicals should not be used.

Regular window tints are security window tint around Conway, Florida.  They are able to protect the windows of your home from outside intruders by blocking their views of your home’s interiors.

You can choose between regular tints and static films for your one-way privacy window film near Conway, Florida.

The choice of window tint type – static or regular – depends on your own preference and the type of window these films are going to be installed in.