Longwood Homeowner reduces in-home heat from the Florida Sun with our ceramic film

This home in Longwood was in dire need of heat reduction for their windows. The homeowners were looking to keep their natural light and wanted something on the lighter side rather than a dark tint. Our consultants were able to show them several different samples that fit within their needs and after comparing samples, they decided the ceramic film would be best. With our ceramic film these homeowners will enjoy heat reduction, UV protection and still allow in the natural light they’ve come to love. 

Another great benefit to ceramic films is not only heat reduction but also 99% UV protection. This added benefit is not only a great protection for our skin but also our homes interiors such as floors, furniture and decor. Reducing the amount of heat in the home will also minimize the homeowners carbon footprint and add some money to their pocket with energy savings. Another benefit would be reducing stress on the HVAC system which could ultimately lead to costly repairs. 

Our team is ready and eager to meet you and discuss the concerns you have for your home. Whether it be heat reduction, privacy or a little of both. Our team of professionals will help provide in-home demos and display samples to help you choose which film would be best for you. Here at Ultimate Window Tinting Our films are backed by a lifetime residential warranty. 

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