Orlando Car Insurance Pays for Vinyl Wrap Repairs

Vinyl car wrap is one of the most common aftermarket updates Orlando drivers make to their vehicles. And while many people in Florida worry that vinyl wrap will not be seen as an upgrade to be covered by insurance, the fact is that as long as you properly inform your insurance policy provider, most of the time insurance covers vinyl wrap repair just the same as it would cover auto paint restoration or the replacement of a door panel or bumper after a car accident.

The responsible Orlando, FL driver with a vinyl wrapped car will inform his or her insurance company of the car vinyl wrap as soon as the wrapping is finished, and will also take plenty of pictures to document the completed wrap job. This gives a basis of comparison the insurer can use to assess what they must cover in terms of replacement.

Know Your Car Wrap Installer

To be certain your vinyl car wrap is protected by insurance, you should turn to a trusted Orlando car wrap company that is backed by its own reliable insurance provider. Also make sure the company has all its proper licensing in order so that they can share this information with your insurance company during the claims process after a car accident. Note that failing to report car wrap to insurance companies might have a negative impact on your coverage, as both the appearance and the value of the car will change following a wrap job, and as insurance information usually must be accurate for the policy to be upheld.

Once you have selected the best Orlando color wrap installer and had your car wrapped, with vinyl, report the enhancement to your insurance company and send them images to document the vinyl wrap job, then you can cease worrying about your vinyl wrap as a liability and instead enjoy the car’s new and improved look.

Auto Body Shops Should Work With Vinyl Wrap Installers

If you get in a car accident with a vinyl wrapped car, you need to immediately file a claim with your insurer and of course follow the steps they stipulate: this will likely include selection an auto body repair company, but it should also involve you specifying a car wrap specialist. Do not settle for an auto repair shop that claims it can replace vinyl wrap. You owe it to your car to find an auto body company that is of top quality and that’s also ready to work in tandem one of Orlando’s finest certified vehicle wrap specialists as a part of the overall car restoration effort.

Remember, even the finest car repair shop in Orlando is not going to be a good choice for repairing color wrap; vinyl wrap application is a highly specific undertaking that necessitates use of the right materials and tools and that requires the right training. Working with a car repair shop that’s not adequately able to restore car wrap will leave you with a car that looks worse than it did before the accident, and doing so might even cancel your right to car wrap insurance coverage. Only an organization that’s licensed and insured to apply car wrap should be used during a post-accident wrap restoration or replacement if you want your policy to cover it.

Making the Most of Car Wrap Insurance Coverage

Also note that sometimes prior to post-accident auto body repairs even commencing your car’s vinyl wrap might have to be removed just to provide access to the damage areas. Like the replacement, this initial removal is best left to color wrap specialists who can ensure no damage is caused to the vehicle’s exterior due to accidental negligence. Only wrap specialists can be sure to also preserve portions of car wrap that do not need to be removed. Make an Orlando color wrap company a part of the process of auto repair for color wrapped vehicles right from the outset.

Vehicle color wrapping in Orlando, FL may raise your insurance costs modestly, as the wrapped car will be worth more than it was prior to the application. A small increase in your insurance rates will be more than worth it if the insurer pays for vinyl wrap repair or total wrap replacement after a car accident.