Orlando homeowners chose films that offer Privacy and Temperature Control

Our neighbors in Orlando inquired with us here at Ultimate Window Tinting to help them resolve a few concerns they were facing. As pictured above you can see the home has several large beautiful windows in the front of their home. Their main priority was to maintain their beautiful view and protect their furniture and belongings from UV damage. After consulting with our team, they chose the Fusion 10 solar film. The Fusion 10 film provides 99.9% UV protection which will protect their skin, flooring, decor, and furniture. This film will also provide a superior level of heat reduction to help keep the home cool as it blocks heat from penetrating the windows. 

Another concern for this homeowner was wanting to have a level of privacy, with the Fusion 20 films reflective property this feature will give them daytime privacy, so while their curtains and blinds are drawn to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the Florida sunshine, the inside of their home will not be visible from the outside, and another great quality to note, the film reduces glare as well. 

If you are looking to save on energy consumption whether to reduce your energy costs or improve your home’s ecological footprint, Ultimate Window Tinting is here to help! 

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