Privacy Tint for a Ford F-150 In Orlando, FL

More private and more stylish with tinting.

Privacy Window Tint for Your Comfort and Security

We love a good side by side photo comparison of completed window tinting jobs, and the tint we recently applied to a Ford F-150 at our Orlando car tint shop created the perfect opportunity for just such a comparison.

First, take a look at the truck before we added privacy tint to the forward windows of the cabin.

The clear windows create no privacy for the driver and front passenger.

And then take a look at the truck with window tint applied.

More private and more stylish with tinting.

Window tint completes the look this 2019 Ford F-150 needed while also stopping people from looking inside the truck.

The Other Benefits of Truck Window Tint In Florida

Window tint blocks more than the view into a vehicle. It also blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays, keeping you safer against skin damage and preventing interior fading in the cabin. And it blocks much of the sun’s hot IR light, keeping the vehicle cooler inside. Finally, car window tint blocks just enough visible light to cut the sun’s glare and make driving safer and more pleasant even when the sun is blaring overhead on a sunny Florida day.