Reflective Privacy Tint for Orlando Based Commercial Property

We sometimes get non-traditional projects that require different types of tint to fit different needs. This unique project required one-way privacy as well as a frosted tint for a theater control room. We set up a free consultation so our clients could meet with our expert consultants. Meeting with our team allows our clients to ask any questions and address any concerns they have but most importantly, they get to see samples of the different types of tint in person. Sometimes there’s more than one option that would fit a client’s needs so seeing samples helps with the decision-making process. In this case, we applied frosted tint to create a more private space. Adding this frosted tint makes the space feel more open and elegant. It allows for privacy while retaining natural light. This frosted option is an excellent choice for a touch of privacy from your office space to even a restroom and is a much less costly option in comparison to etched glass. The other film they opted for was a dual metallic tint. It is a reflective tint that provides clear views from the inside out while offering privacy from the outside in. The reflective exterior also helps to reduce glare which in turn helps with heat rejection. This reflective tint also offers 99% UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

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