Single Layer Ceramic Tint for 2020 Porsche Cayenne

This brand new Porsche just got an upgrade to it’s look and protection for the interior. The owner of this beauty came to us with many different concerns for this Florida heat and the harmful UV rays that come from our sun. They went with our Pinnacle option, which is a single layer nano-ceramic film. 

By applying this film to their bare windows it offered them a high heat rejection percentage as well as 99.9% of protection from UV rays, also protecting the interior of their vehicle. This is a non-metallized film, so no interference with your GPS, phone, keyless entry or any other devices that help keep you connected.

This film also comes with a lifetime warranty! Even though you may not need it, we want to ensure you never have to worry about your tint failing you. This film has a very impressive durability rating and is enhanced with scratch protectant. Our professionals at Ultimate Window Tinting would love to help keep you and your car cool, and protected. Call the number below or click the link to set up an appointment for your ride! 
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