The Best Window Tint for 2022 Rivian R1T in Orlando, Florida

We recently had the opportunity to work on an all-electric 2022 Rivian R1T. The fully electric Rivian R1T is comes stocked with amazing features and a clean, modern look but our client wanted to add a bit more privacy. The windows were lightly tinted from the factory so our client decided they only wanted to tint the two front windows and the windshield. They decided to add a bit more privacy but their main focus was heat rejection when they are driving. They selected a double layer ceramic tint which is currently the highest performing tint available. This ceramic tint is the best tint for reducing heat and is available in several different shades. Although the Rivian R1T is an electric vehicle and you don’t have to worry about using gas when you’re enjoying your A/C, ceramic tint means that you’ll be able to get more mileage out of your charge because your A/C won’t have to work so hard. The double-layer ceramic tint also offers 99% UV protection and will significantly reduce glare.

Rvian R1T Double- Layer Ceramic Tint
Before – Ceramic tint on Rivian R1T in Orlando
Double-layer Ceramic Tint For Rivian R1T in Orlando

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