This Home In Orlando, FL is Cooling-Off With Xpel Clear View Plus

 With the seasons changing slightly here in Florida with semi-cool temperatures we know they won’t last long! This homeowner has multiple large, beautiful windows that let in a great amount of lighting. With the large windows letting in light but also a large amount of 

UV rays and heat not to mention the glare that comes through. Not to worry, with Xpel Clear View Plus 40 we were able to install this film in this home and it offers a great amount of infrared rejection as well as blocking out those UV rays. 

This was the perfect option for this home. Our professional installers take pride in their work and our number one priority is our homeowners satisfaction. The homeowners can already tell such a dramatic difference in the reduction of heat coming from these large front windows. Not only that but the Xpel Clear View Plus also helps protect any investments inside your home from wear over time. 

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