Tint Near Me: What Are the Best Specs for Your Car?

Search for a “tint near me” shop, and you’ll find various specifications of window tints. For one, your film can vary from thickness or visible light transmittance. There are many specs covered in a window because each film is different. Auto window tint shades in Apopka, FL, will likely follow state rules, and thus, give different specs.

Many famous shops like 3M, Llumar, or Gila window film around Apopka, FL, offer hundreds to thousands of specs. We’re just going to break it to you on simple terms.

Dyed Window Films

The best thing about dyed window tint is that it’s the typical privacy film near Apopka, FL. It has a visible light transmission in specs of 5 to 60 and light reflection of 5 to 7. A dyed film has a standard UV rejection specification of 99 percent. Energy rejection capacity of the tint usually lands on 20 to 25 percent as well. Solar rejection properties are pretty average and only give consumers around 25 to 45 percent of protection.

Metalized Window Films

They’re considered as tough window films that can reject heat from 30 to 60 percent. Its glare reduction specifications reach a whopping 95 percent. Metalized window film tames and reflects heat better than dyed films because of its properties. However, communication signals are often hampered because of the composition the tint is made of.

Ceramic Window Films

This quality-grade tint often has a matted look that makes a car looking chic and elegant. And because of that, it reduces glare and eye strain from 50 to 95 percent. It can also answer your solar tint needs because it covers you up to 60 percent of solar rejection. Solar window film near Apopka, FL, caters to the customization of tints.

What Compromises the Specs of a Window Tint

When looking for “tint near me shop,” you need to know what compromises of the product. Here’s a little guide to finding your mobile auto tint in Apopka, FL:

  • Visible light transmission
  • Thickness
  • Solar energy transmittance or rejection
  • Glare reduction
  • Emissivity
  • Shading
  • UV ray transmission

If you’re shopping for tints, better learn from these specs next time you’re searching for a window “tint near me.” The performance indicator shows the characteristics of a tint which can be pretty useful for a consumer.

Choose a tint that is conducive to your needs. You’ll see the real effects soon and the advantage that it brings to your car. Next time when you go shopping, see your local “tint near me” store for info and new releases.