Tint Removal and Replacement 2014 BMW 535

The owner of this 2014 BMW 535 reached out to us because some of the window tint they had was bubbling up and obscuring their vision. They decided that it would be a great time to remove all the existing tint and have fresh new tint put on. In addition, they decided they wanted a touch of privacy added to the windshield, but they definitely wanted heat rejection. Our team takes the utmost care when it comes to the removal of existing tint. They always put in every effort conserve the defroster lines, and have a high success rate.
For all the windows, our client’s primary goal was adding as much heat rejection as possible.

Our team recommended a double-layer ceramic tint to help with the heat rejection. This double-layer ceramic tint will offer the highest heat rejection available. It’s available in several different shades so they can customize the level of privacy they’re comfortable with. It also offers 99% UV protection. UV protection and heat rejection will help preserve the interior of the vehicle and keep it from cracking and fading.

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