Varieties of Window Tint Films for Your Vehicle

If you came across to a window tint shop and hired a professional installer of window tint then you should check if they have the best quality products with guaranteed service. A reliable shop always knows the type of window film to use in your car.

To help you get a reference on what is suitable on your car’s window, here are the 4 window tint near Winter Park, Florida, that are available:

  1. The dyed tint film

This is the least expensive type of vehicle tint around Winter Park, Florida. That being said, this is the most common type of window tint film that you will see on cars. Even though it is less functional than the others, it can still prevent the entrance of light rays of the sun in your car, but in a lower percentage. This type of film is perfect for car owners with a tight budget. The only con of settling with dyed tint film is that it fades through with time.

  1. The metallized tint film

If you are looking for an upgrade better than the dyed tint film, then you should switch to a metallized custom window tint around Winter Park, Florida. This type of film reflects the sun rays instead of blocking it. The heat is less absorbed by the interior space of your car because the film is made of very small metallic particles that appear to be invisible to the naked eye.

  1. The carbon tint film

For better protection and privacy, why don’t you choose the window darkening film in Winter Park, Florida? Issues regarding with cellphone and radio transmission interference is not a problem because carbon tint has no metal particles. The film blocks up to 40 percent of the infrared light that is entering your car while driving on a hot sunny day. The infrared light is the one that causes the warmth, so carbon tints are important when dealing with heat protection.

  1. The ceramic tint film

The last but not the least. The Ceramic smoke window tint around Winter Park, Florida, is the top class of all types of tint. It is made up of ceramic particles that are perfect for solar heat protection and also allows the right amount of visibility day and night. It has no metal, carbon, nor dye particles, this is why it is shatterproof. The only con on buying a ceramic tint film is the expensive price.

For the time you will finally get a window tint, make sure that you know the type of film that is suitable and matched with your quality needs.