Virtually Clear Window Tint Reduces Heat For Orlando Home

A home having large beautiful windows that allow natural light in is admirable, especially in Florida where the view of the lush landscapes is refreshing. However, with that sunlight comes heat and UV exposure. Heat can be very difficult for our HVAC systems causing them to overwork in order to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature. The UV rays can be damaging not only for our skin but also our home’s interior. The UV rays can cause damage and fading to curtains, furniture, decor and even flooring. Thankfully, here at Ultimate Window Tinting we have virtually clear ceramic window tint options that can reduce the heat and UV without sacrificing the natural light or view. 

For this home we were able to reduce the heat, provide UV protection and maintain the clarity of the window by using a virtually clear view ceramic window tint. Yes! You can block out the sun’s UV rays and heat using virtually clear ceramic window tint! This is a bonus to any homeowners who may reside in a strict HOA. We have several film options to fit your needs, from blocking heat, to adding privacy or even something more decorative!  

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