Window Tint Blocks Heat and Offers UV Protection to Residential Home In Orlando

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for good reason. With the year-round high temperatures, we always see homeowners with a concern for reducing the amount of heat their windows allow in.  We use the latest technology window film to maximize heat reduction. This home has beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows and the homeowner wanted to maintain visibility in and out but reduce the amount of heat transferring through the windows. We recommended our ceramic films which not only reduce heat by rejecting infrared light, it also stops 99% of UV rays. These UV rays not only damage our skin, but our furniture, decor, and floors as well. 

Using a Ceramic film and reducing the amount of heat your windows allow in also means less wear-and-tear on your HVAC system and overall,  saving you money on your energy costs. With our ceramic films, you do not have to sacrifice visibility to enjoy the many benefits. Here at Ultimate Window Tinting, we are proud to offer our Homeowners a lifetime warranty on their residential window film projects.

Whether you are in need of Heat Reduction or Privacy films for your property, The Professionals at Ultimate Window Tinting are your Central Florida go-to. If you are in need of recommendations or have questions, we offer free consultations where we can show you in-home demos, and display film samples. We pride ourselves on our outstanding rapport with our homeowners and business owners. 

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