It’s a Wise Idea to Use Ceramic Pro for Cars in Florida

Ceramic Pro is widely recognized as one of the best auto exterior protection products ever developed, and Orlando Tint is fast becoming recognized as Central Florida’s best installer of this unique protective formula. Ceramic Pro is based on a nano-ceramic molecular-level coating technology that creates a thin, transparent, and immensely strong coat over the entire surface of a vehicle’s exterior. It forms a barrier between the automobile exterior and many potential sources of aesthetic damage, such as harsh weather, corrosive elements, minor dents, scratches, and more.

Orlando Tint offers our customers several Ceramic Pro products, including Ceramic Pro Strong, an industrial-strength formula developed for use on commercial vehicles that need exterior protection even in the most trying of conditions, and Ceramic Pro 9H, a best selling nano-ceramic coating for privately owned cars. We use the best vehicle coating equipment and techniques and our employees undergo frequent training to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of vehicle coating technology.

In sunny Florida Ceramic Pro protects a car from thousands of hours of sunshine, from the heavy rains and flying debris that can come with major storms, from graffiti paint and scratches, from corrosion or stains caused by chemical spills, animal droppings, and sap, and from so much more that can ruin a vehicle’s looks, too. By creating a rugged, hydrophobic coating over the entire vehicle’s exterior, Ceramic Pro helps keep a vehicle looking clean and new and protects it from damage. Your car, truck, or SUV will look its best every day and will retain more of its when the time comes to sell the vehicle later.

Ceramic Pro Cost In Florida

One of the most frequently asked questions Orlando Tint Ceramic Pro customers ask us is how much does Ceramic Pro cost? In Florida as in other states where Ceramic Pro is popular, we always say that the first thing a vehicle owner should ask instead is how much does a brand new paint job or vehicle vinyl wrap job cost? Because if your car’s exterior gets faded, discolored, or is damaged by years of sunshine, humid weather, scratches from bouncing pebbles and falling branches, and so forth, then you will need a full exterior restoration if the car is ever to look decent again.

Unless, that is, you proactively had Ceramic Pro applied to the exterior. In that case, your automobile’s paint or vinyl will be reliably protected from all such damage and will still be looking great many years from now. So how much does a Ceramic Pro install cost? It costs less than a total new paint job or vinyl color wrap, to be sure. So while we don’t post general rate quotes, because each and every Ceramic Pro project is a customized job with custom pricing, we will be glad to give you a specific cost estimate for your vehicle’s coating. You just need fill out the simple form on our site and we will be in touch soon.

Ceramic Pro Gold Package In Florida

We provide the Ceramic Pro Gold Package for Florida cars more than any other Ceramic Pro product option. That is so for good reason: the Ceramic Pro Gold Package coating offers permanent auto exterior protection. The Ceramic Pro Gold Package consists of four complete coatings of super strong, hydrophobic, UV-rejecting Ceramic Pro 9H applied one on top of the next and covering every part of a car’s painted or vinyl-wrapped surfaces. Ceramic Pro 9H creates a molecular-level bond with auto paint or vinyl wrap, and each additional layer further enhances the strength and resilience of this coating. Atop the layers of 9H formula, Gold Package cars receive a coating of Ceramic Pro Light, a super hydrophobic solution that easily sheds water and prevents streaks and spotting, and that reduces UV-light fading. As Ceramic Pro Light is also applied over windows, it protects the interior of the vehicle from fading and discoloring, too.

The Leading Central Florida Ceramic Pro 9H Installers

What sets Ceramic Pro 9H apart? Simply put, 9H is one of the toughest, most capable vehicle protection products ever made. The 9H in the name is derived from the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, on which the number 1 correlates to soft, easily damaged talc, while a hardness of 10 correlates to the scratch-resistance of a diamond. So that 9H in the name essentially means that this Ceramic Pro formula is amazingly scratch-resistant. And Ceramic Pro 9H is also corrosion-resistant. And water-shedding. And sun damage-resistant. And the of properties list goes on. When properly applied, as guaranteed by the team from Orlando Tint, you can count on Ceramic Pro 9H to offer up to 30 years of protection for your vehicle’s exterior. In many cases that’s a lifetime of protection against wear and tear from the sun or weather and against more acute damage as from scratches, dents, or spilled oils, fuels, chemicals, and more.

Auto Paint Correction In Florida

Automotive paint correction is an important part of the Ceramic Pro coating process. As Ceramic Pro creates a permanent molecular bond with your vehicle’s exterior, it can only be taken off od the vehicle through abrasion, should you some day want to remove the protective coat for a re-paint or a new vinyl wrap. However, new paint or color wrap is unlikely to be necessary thanks to the paint correction services Orlando Tint offers. Our staff can restore damaged auto paint or vinyl wraps whether the issues are small or large, limited to just a few unsightly spots or including damage afflicting the entire exterior. From swirls or scuffs in paint to peeled vinyl, from fading or off-colors on exteriors, and from dents to gouges, we will undertake a full paint or vinyl restoration before we cover the vehicle in Ceramic Pro. That way, you will proudly own a car that starts off looking great right after we’re finished with it and that will maintain its showroom looks thanks to that protective Ceramic Pro coating, which prevents scratches, fading, and so much more.