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Car Paint Protection Film

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Give Yourself Peace of Mind with Invisible Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film offers maximum protection for your vehicle’s grill, front bumper, headlights, hood, fenders and side mirrors – areas that are easily damaged during normal driving conditions. Paint Protection Film is comprised of a thin, clear, urethane laminate film – Clear Bra Paint Protection protects your vehicle without compromising its look.

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Why Paint Protection Film

With the accelerated advancements in clear bra and it's adhesive materials, a clear bra paint protection film is the perfect way to protect the original paint without changing the color. You'll have a wall of protection from the inevitable wear and tear of rock chips and ordinary road debris. It'll last years to come and is completely reversible. No need to repaint your vehicle from road debris or when it's time to sell your vehicle.

Clear Bra Clear Paint Protection

Protect your car's paint today and drive a new car everyday.

Paint Protection Film is a clear and virtually protective film technology that protects your factory paint from scratches, chips, and stains while enhancing the resale value of your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film Orlando FL

We've been providing paint protection film installation in Orlando FL since 2002. Ultimate Window Tinting has created a team of expert paint protection film installers; the finest in the Orlando area.

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