TESLA Model 3 Window Tint, Paint Protection, Chrome Delete + More!

Whether your looking for a full color change wrap, ceramic window tint, clear bra paint protection or a chrome delete, Ultimate Window Tinting is ready for your Tesla Model 3

Model 3 Window Tinting

We offer the absolute best in ceramic window tint: Huper Optik Ceramic, Llumar Formula One Stratos and Pinnacle, and DUB iR Ceramic, and more.

We install window tint for all Tesla vehicles, including one-piece full windows on the large Model 3 hatchback.

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Model 3 Chrome Delete Blackout

We provide a premiem Chrome Delete service where we “blackout” and cover all visible chrome on any model of Tesla.

De-chrome wraps, a simple vinyl wrapping process, can replace the chrome on your car to something more suitable, usually gloss, satin or matte black.

100% reversible without damage and protects your Model 3's paint from wear and tear.

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TESLA Clear Bra Clear Paint Protection

Protect your Model 3 Tesla today and drive a new car everyday.

Paint Protection Film is a clear and virtually protective film technology that protects your Model 3's factory paint from scratches, chips, and stains while enhancing the resale value of your Tesla.

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