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Tesla Model Y Vinyl Wrap Orlando, FL

Our Orlando Tesla vinyl wrap experts can create almost any look for the exterior of your Tesla, from high gloss colors as wild as neon yellow or electric blue to flat matte black to faux carbon fiber. We can create original graphics and patterns or go off your directions for matching a favorite exterior.

A vinyl wrap protects the underlying paint job against water marks, sun fading, scratches, abrasions, and many other types of cosmetic damage.

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Professional Vinyl Wrap For Your Tesla Model Y

Our professional vinyl wrap will keep the paint job on your Tesla Model Y looking like new, so if and when it comes time to sell your vehicle, you can have the car color wrap removed and enjoy a like-new exterior that will greatly enhance the price you can command for the car.

Unlike with a paint job that must be ground away and then re-done completely, if you decide you want to change the look of a Model Y you will be keeping, removing and replacing vinyl wrap is a much faster, much less intensive, and a more affordable process than getting a new Tesla paint job.

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TESLA Model Y Vinyl Wrap

As of now, when you order your Tesla Model Y, you can choose the base white color, or you can get black, gray, blue, or red. If your sense of style is important to you and you want to change the color, contact us about our vinyl wrap service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Do Vinyl Wraps Last?

The answer is dependent on a variety of variables, including sun exposure, atmosphere, washing frequency, and so on. Wraps don't last as long on cars that are driven every day and exposed to the sun. With this level of wear and tear, the life expectancy may be as low as two years. Even something as easy as parking in the shade will greatly prolong the life of your vehicle wrap, increasing it to about three or four years. Wraps on vehicles that are used less often will last up to seven years. A vehicle wrap's average lifetime is around five years under normal conditions.

How Can I Make My Vinyl Wrap Last Longer?

As soon as possible, remove stains, insects, gasoline, and sap. Vinyl is designed to withstand all of these items, so removing them as soon as possible will help to extend the life of your vinyl. Here's what you can do if you want your vehicle wrap to last as long as possible. Soak the infected area in wet, soapy water for a few minutes before gently rubbing it with a microfiber cloth. Try denatured alcohol, Simple Green, or Meguiar's Gold Class Bug and Tar Remover for those particularly stubborn spots. Avoid using solvents or oil-based products on your vinyl because they can harm it. When you're finished, clean your car thoroughly, just as you would for any other substance.

Does Wrapping a Tesla Model Y Decrease Its Value?

No. When a car is wrapped, the resale value is significantly higher than when it is repainted. This is due to the fact that the wrap can be removed without causing any damage to the vehicle. Since the wrap retained the paint, the car's value is higher since it appears new.

Is It Cheaper to Get Your Tesla Model Y Wrapped or Painted?

It depends. A car wrap is normally more costly than a cheap paint job. A car wrap would cost almost the same as a higher-quality paint job with many coats. Painting the car to achieve a matte finish or color-shifting paint will be considerably more expensive than wrapping it to achieve the same look.

Can You Run a Wrapped Tesla Through a Carwash?

You may use an automatic brushless car wash to wash your wrapped Tesla, but hand washing is better and more thorough. Brush car washes can be too harsh on the film, causing it to degrade and peel, as well as lifted edges. Most wraps should be safe if a car wash uses water spray rather than brushes.

How Do You Clean Matte Tesla Wraps?

Use your matte car wash soap and plush wash mitts only. Wash the car as you would any other. There's no need to be picky about how you wash your car, such as washing in straight lines or anything. When drying the car, always use clean microfiber towels.

Why Should You Hire Ultimate Window Tinting For Your Tesla Model Y?

Ultimate Window Tinting in Orlando, Florida has existed since 2002, providing top-rated services to all our clients. We take pride in offering detailing services for all Tesla models Our team has the skills and the expertise to successfully handle any window film installation or paint restoration services to ensure many years of benefits. If you own a Tesla vehicle and you’re thinking about applying automotive tint or protecting the paint, call us today and schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

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