Kavaca Paint Protection for Tesla Model Y

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Model Y Kavaca Paint Protection Orlando, FL

We offer the absolute best in Kavaca Paint Protection Tesla Model Y for your Tesla Model Y. The Kavaca paint protection for your Tesla Model Y can last a lifetime and protect the vehicle's exterior and interior from deterioration. As a result, the resale market value would be considerably higher. In the long term, Kavaca paint protection will pay for itself.

KAVACA® Paint Protection Film is designed and developed by internationally renowned Ceramic Pro manufacturers NanoShine LTD. It's made to keep painted surfaces and other materials safe from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and other forms of physical harm.

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Professional Kavaca Paint Protection For Your Model Y

Heat is not needed to repair minor scratches with KAVACA Instant Healing Paint Safety Film. The world's only Instant Healing PPF, infused with Ceramic Pro's groundbreaking nanotechnology, protects paint and other substrates from small scratches and rock chips. Nano ceramic particles infused in the top layer and adhesive produce a stunning cosmetic effect, enhanced safety, and simplified installation.

Ceramic Pro nanoceramic technology is used in the development of KAVACA Paint Safety Film, which enhances the overall visual appearance of any surface to which it is applied. It also helps to seal small paint surface imperfections without the orange peel effect that many automotive protective films have. Get a free quote today.

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TESLA Model Y Kavaca Paint Protection

Kavaca's protective paint film has a beautiful visual appearance and serves as a self-healing protective barrier. It will prevent small scratches and scuffs from damaging the paint, headlights, carbon fiber, vinyl wraps, and other substrates. Contact us for pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kavaca Paint Film Safe For My Tesla Model Y?

Yes. Kavaca paint film is suitable for use on all surfaces, including your paint. Kavaca paint film won't damage your paint or clearcoat, and it won't void any manufacturer warranties.

Does Kavaca Paint Film Crack, Peel, or Fade?

No. Kavaca paint film is not subject to cracking, peeling, or yellowing. Kavaca paint film has passed SGS testing as well as real-world testing in some of the world's harshest conditions, and have outperformed them all. Kavaca paint film is a great option to keep your Tesla Model Y looking like new.

After Kavaca Paint Film is Applied, Do I Still Have To Wax My Tesla Model Y?

There's no need to wax your Tesla. Once we've applied Kavaca paint film to your Tesla Model Y, you'll never need to wax again. Cleaning and maintaining your vehicle's paint is as easy as cleaning and maintaining your glass/windshield. There are no abrasive washes or waxes/sealants needed.

How Long Does The Kavaca Paint Film Application Process Take?

Kavaca Paint Film takes 1-3 days to complete, depending on the state of your paint and the package you choose. Your Tesla Model Y must first be washed and prepared. The second step is to fix all of the paint flaws, such as swirls and scratches. After your Tesla has been properly prepped, the film process will begin at this stage, and the Kavaca paint film will be added on each panel of the vehicle until the desired result is achieved.

Will Kavaca Paint Film Prevent Water Spots on My Tesla Model Y?

Kavaca paint film will not eliminate water spotting, but it will make it easier to extract those troublesome water-spots without damaging the surface. Since Kavaca paint film forms a protective coating over the substrate, minerals cannot corrode or etch the surface it is covering, extending the life of your metals, paints, gelcoat, plastics, vinyls, and other materials. While the glass on your windshield will still get water spots, it is much more resistant to water spots than your clearcoat.

After Kavaca Paint Film is Applied, How Long Do I Have to Wait to Wash My Tesla?

Wait 10-14 days before doing the first wash. If you find water spots, bird droppings, tree sap, or other debris on your car during these two weeks, remove it immediately and follow our care instructions. Keep in mind that the Kavaca paint film needs time to set, so go easy on the surface.

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