Ceramic Tinting for Model Y Tesla

Just as you wouldn’t go to the beach or park on a hot sunny Florida day without sunscreen and sunglasses, you should not be driving your new Tesla Model Y in Florida without ceramic window tint on the windows, windshields, and that glass roof. Ceramic tint for a Tesla Model Y, Model 3, Model S, or Model X is the only way to ensure the vehicle stays in great shape inside for many years to come. Without window tint for a Tesla, all that glass is going to let in UV light that leads to fading and cracking and a vehicle that is less pleasant for the driver and passengers and that will lose much of its resale value. Driving a Tesla Model Y without the best window tint you can get is like spending years in the sun and simply hoping you don’t get wrinkles – not the best plan!

Best Tint for Model Y Tesla Orlando
Best Tint for Model Y Tesla Orlando

Orlando Tesla Window Tinting – Ceramic IR Window Tinting

Now, if you’re like many of our customers, you might want to ask us: “Is the window tint a Tesla Model Y comes with good enough?” To that we answer with another question: “Are you willing to settle for something that’s at best adequate, and likely not subpar?” Because while Tesla makes some of the finest, safest cars ever put on the road, they are not specialists when it comes to tinting auto glass.

Orlando Model Y Window Tinting
Orlando Model Y Window Tinting | Ceramic Heat Blocking Tint for TESLA

Tesla Model Y Window Tinting in Orlando

So, what is the best window tint for a Tesla Model Y in Central Florida? The short answer is ceramic window film, because this space age technology – which literally was designed for aerospace applications – is the best window tint for any vehicle out there. As for the best tint for your Tesla Model Y, the techs at Orlando Tint will help you choose the perfect product.

Model Y Window Tinting
Model Y Window Tinting | Best Tesla Window Tint in Orlando

Best Type of Window Tint for Tesla

We source ceramic tint for Teslas from several of the best window tint producers, and we have options that range from optically clear to limo tint darkness, meaning total privacy for those within the Tesla. Our tints cut glare, reduce interior heat by cutting infrared light transmission, and the window films block 99% of the sun’s UV light, meaning no fading and cracking to the interior of the Model Y.

Model Y Best Window Tint Orlando
Model Y Best Window Tint Orlando

Tesla Orlando Window Tinting

In Central Florida Tesla window tint means blocking sun and keeping the car cooler and safer, but it’s also about looks. We have window film for Teslas in varying shades or darkness and in different color and style profiles, from the subtle to the bold metallic finish. We guarantee our tints will last for years (many come with a lifetime warranty, in fact) and that our Florida Tesla window tint specialists have the tools and experience for proper tint installation even on the large, unique glass paneling and windows of Tesla vehicles.

Model Y Ceramic Tint Orlando
Model Y Ceramic Tint Orlando