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At Ultimate Window Tinting, we offer the absolute best in sun control window tints for commercial properties in Orlando, Florida. Our sun control window film will give you relief from the sun, and reduce the temperature inside your commercial building during the summer.

We install sun control window tints on all types of commercial buildings and properties. We've installed sun control window tints for small businesses, big companies, and industrial properties in Orlando, Florida.

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High Quality Sun Control Commercial Window Tints in Orlando, FL

Not all sun control commercial window tints are the same. Some are higher quality and last for a decade, while others are low quality and barely last a year.

Our high quality sun control commercial window tint films will control the heat from the sun, offer UV protection, and provide security and protection from outside elements. Our premium sun control window tinting film will outperform any dyed product regardless of the shade/color you decide.

Ultimate Window Tinting has the knowledge and experience to help you to choose the perfect sun control tints for your business and/or commercial property in Orlando, FL. Call now!

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Professional Sun Control Commercial Window Tints in Orlando, Florida

Our professional sun control window tinting service will add a nice aesthetic to your commercial property. Sun control tinted windows will also make your commercial property a lot cooler during hot summer days in Orlando, Florida. Call Ultimate Window Tinting now. We'll exceed your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do People Use Sun Control Window Tints For Commercial Buildings in Orlando, Florida?

Florida is one of the hottest states in the United States, so naturally window tinting is a good choice for homeowners and businesses alike.The heat makes it unbearable to focus on work or simply enjoy yourself. The air-conditioning system has to be on all the time just to make the place slightly more bearable. However, many people find that this tends to cause headaches.

Sun control window film prevents the heat from entering your home or office thus keeping the place cool. This means reduced energy use because you won’t have to rely on your air-conditioning system.

Should You Get Your Commercial Windows Tinted Using Sun Control Film in Orlando, Florida?

Yes, you should at least consider tinting your commercial windows using sun control film. Residents of Orlando, Florida know how difficult it is to watch TV, work on a computer, or focus on a presentation with glare distracting them.

Besides, exposure to the sun leads to skin damage and furniture damage. You probably don’t want your furnishings to fade or your skin to develop skin cancer. This is why you should consider tinting your commercial windows using sun control film.It not only rejects the heat thus helping to regulate the temperature but also protects the furniture, your skin, and reduces glare.

How Much Does Commercial Sun Control Window Tinting Cost in Orlando, Florida?

The cost of getting your commercial windows tinted in Orlando, Florida depends on several factors. These include the number and height of the windows, the type of window film you purchase, and the quality of the installation.On average, you need to set aside about $1,500 for getting your windows tinted. However, the price can be much higher or lower, depending on your preferences.

For example, if you opt for one of the cheaper varieties of film, you won’t have to spend a lot of money. On the other hand, a higher quality window film will last longer and provide better protection and sun control.This is entirely up to you. If you are curious how much it would cost to get your residential or commercial windows tinted in Orlando, Florida, call us now!

How Dark Can You Tint Your Commercial Windows in Orlando Florida?

This depends on whether you’re tinting your residential or car windows. While for car window tints, there are rules regarding how dark you can go, there are no such rules when it comes to residential and commercial properties.

For car window tinting, the rules are the following:

- For windshield, the non-reflective tint may be applied above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line

- Window film must allow for more than 28% of light in for front side windows

- Window film must allow for more than 15% of light in for back side windows

- Window film must allow for more than 15% of light in for rear window

How Long Does Sun Control Commercial Window Tint Last?

There is no one answer to this question because this also depends on several factors. Cheaper sun control window films won’t last as long as high-quality varieties. They tend to fade in color after a while.High-quality window film, on the other hand, can last for decades provided the quality of the installation is also excellent. If you decide to invest in a top-quality film, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of tinted windows much longer.

The installation process is also an important indicator of how long will the tint last. If it’s not properly handled, the window film will break down more quickly. This is why you must hire window tinting professionals to install the film on your property.

Will Sun Control Tint Keep Your Commercial Property Cooler in Orlando, Florida?

Absolutely. Not only that, but sun control rejects the heat thus preventing it from entering your home or office. This means that the temperature in your home will be significantly lower even during the hottest of days. There will be no need to use the air-conditioning system.Similarly, your home will be warmer in the winter because the film will trap the heat inside. As you can see, sun control film helps regulate the temperature all year long.

Which Commercial Tint is Best For Sun Control in Orlando, Florida?

When it comes to choosing the best window tint for your commercial property, there is no one definite answer. This depends on how much money you’re willing to spend as well as on what your priority is.Some cheaper varieties of window film will look good, but won’t bring you as many benefits as the high-quality ones.

If you’re looking for a strong sun control film that will keep your commercial property cooler while also eliminating glare, you should consider investing in one of the high-quality types. If you have a window tinting-related question, don’t hesitate to call us and schedule your free consultation.

What Are The Benefits of Tinting Your Commercial Windows in Orlando, Florida?

Applying sun control film on your windows is highly beneficial. First of all, it reduces the heat in your home, office, or car and helps regulate the temperature. More importantly, it keeps the temperature the same in all areas of the building or home. This alone is a benefit enough to make you think about getting your windows tinted.

Also, sun control film is great for energy savings. Once the tint is applied, you won’t be using the air-conditioning system nearly as often as before, so your energy bill will be significantly reduced.The tint eliminates glare which tends to ruin watching TV in the afternoon or working on your computer. This makes it easier to focus on what’s on the screen without eye strain. Sun control film protects your furnishings. By blocking sun rays, the tint prevents the furniture from fading.

Why You Should Hire Ultimate Window Tinting For Your Commercial Property in Orlando, Florida?

If you’re thinking about getting your windows tinted, do it right. Hire window tinting professionals who know how to get the job done. This will also ensure that you enjoy the benefits of sun control film for as long as possible.

Here at Ultimate Window Tinting, we are aware of how important a quality installation is and we have dedicated years to perfecting our skills. A long list of clients can confirm that. We have been applying window film on properties in Orlando, Florida and the surrounding areas since 2002. Call us to schedule a free consultation and talk about window tinting.

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