Best Heat Reduction Tint for Home in Orlando, Florida

This Orlando-based client reached out to us because they had recently installed skylights. When they initially installed the skylights, their goal was to add in more natural lighting. They hadn’t considered how much heat would also come through. This is a frequent problem customers with skylights have. Often, they enjoy the natural light that skylights provide but are then left to deal with added heat. In this homeowner’s case, one of the skylights was directly hitting his thermostat which was increasing his electric bill. Our consultants met with the homeowners and listened to their needs. During their free consultation, they took measurements and were able to share samples that would be the options for their needs. Our team also listens to your budgeting concerns and takes that into consideration when making recommendations. While we were there for the skylight consultation, they also decided they wanted us to look at their sliding doors.

Heat reducing tint installed at home in Orlando FL

Their sliding doors were East-facing and also allowed a lot of additional heat in. They didn’t want to change the window dressings so decided tint would be an excellent alternative. We recommended a clear ceramic tint for their needs. This clear tint will offer the best heat rejection without altering the look of the glass. It will also offer excellent UV protection. UV protection also means that any furniture or any belongings under that skylight will be protected from fading. Investing in heat-reducing tint is also great for reducing energy costs. You can enjoy the benefits of natural light while still reducing the overall heat in your living space.

Heat reduction tint for home in Orlando FL

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