Defending Against the Sun: Our Recent Mission at Winter Park Fire Department

Winter Park Fire Department: The Venue of our Latest Project

Recently, we had the privilege of working on an exciting project for the Winter Park Fire Department, a city-renowned institution committed to providing essential services. Their unique challenge? Large garage doors with multiple glass panes housing vital equipment, which needed protection from the relentless Florida sun. Our answer? The innovative, sputtered technology-driven window tint – the Llumar N1050.

This mission was not just about ensuring functionality; it was about applying cutting-edge technology to enhance safety and promote longevity of the Fire Department’s crucial equipment. The Llumar N1050, with its uniform visible light transmission, was the perfect solution to address these needs.

Here are some of the core benefits we were able to deliver through this project:

The Final Result: An Elevated Look for Winter Park Fire Department’s Garage Doors

1. Glare Reduction: With the use of the Llumar N1050 window tint, we effectively reduced the glare coming into the garage. This made for a more comfortable environment, especially during the harsh midday sun. With a controlled and gentle light, the fire department personnel can focus on their essential tasks without any hindrance.

2. Moderate Heat Rejection: Florida’s sun is intense, and it can heat up enclosed spaces rapidly. The window tint’s heat rejection properties provide a buffer against the external heat, creating a more manageable interior climate, reducing stress on air-conditioning systems, and thus potentially leading to energy savings.

3. Soft, Neutral Appearance: The Llumar N1050 does not just perform; it appeals. It enhances the aesthetic of the glass panes with its soft, neutral appearance, making the garage look professional and sleek.

4. Scratch Resistance: The robust Llumar N1050 window tint is designed to resist scratches, ensuring the film’s longevity and maintaining its pristine look. This resistance adds to the film’s durability, allowing it to withstand the day-to-day activities of a busy fire department.

5. UV Ray Shielding: Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of the Llumar N1050 is its ability to shield 99% of harmful Ultraviolet Rays. This protects not only the valuable equipment housed within the garage but also the personnel who spend a significant amount of time in this space.

Behind the Scenes: Installing the Innovative Llumar N1050 Film

And the icing on the cake? The Llumar N1050 window tint comes with a lifetime residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty. That means the Winter Park Fire Department can count on this solution for years to come.

We are proud to have provided a practical yet innovative solution to the Winter Park Fire Department’s unique challenge. It’s been a testament to the power of technology-driven solutions like the Llumar N1050, and a showcase of our commitment to bringing the best to our clients, no matter the size or scope of the project.

A Closer Look: The Soft, Neutral Aesthetic of the Llumar N1050 Film

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