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TESLA Model Y Detailing Service in Orlando, FL

Are you looking for the best detailing service for your Tesla Y Model in Orlando, FL? Contact us now!

Tesla Model Y Detailing Service in Orlando, FL

if you own a Tesla Y Model, then you are definitely looking in the right place for detail work! Our car detailing cost is always fair and we work quickly and carefully ensuring that your vehicle looks better than ever.

We also install window tint for all Tesla vehicles including Model S, Model 3, Model X and the new Model Y.

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Tesla Model Y Detailing Specialists

We have been the leading Tesla detailing specialists in Orlando for years. We have been proud to restore and improve the paint on multiple Model Y's and to make lasting relationships with Orlando Tesla owners.

The unique paint job and overall exterior body design of a Tesla Model Y means detailing work for Tesla's is not a run-of-the-mill process. Don't entrust your Tesla Model Y detail work with just any old cut rate car detailing shop in Orlando. We keep our rates fair, and we make it our business to make sure your Tesla looks better than ever when we’re done with it.

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TESLA Model Y Detailing Services in Orlando, FL

The wildly popular Model 3 is one of the most common vehicles we see in our shop today. Our Tesla Model 3 detail work is now a routine part of our job. Contact us to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does The Detail Take?

We highly recommend that first time customers stop by our shop or call for an estimate before committing to an appointment for service. Free estimates and inspections are offered by appointment. We schedule only a few cars a day in order to give your Tesla Model Y the extra attention it needs to ensure our quality level of work. In order to best accommodate all of our customers in Orlando, we recommend scheduling advance. For more info, please call us.

May I Drop off My Tesla Y During the Day Before My Scheduled Appointment?

Yes, your car is safely locked in our secure garage overnight. We prefer to wash & prep your car the day before which allows our technicians to start work on your car early the next morning. Drop off times are preferred the day before anytime before 3:00 pm if possible. If not you can always schedule for a morning drop off between at 8 and 9 am.

What Is the Difference Between Paint Correction, Compounding, Polishing or Buffing?

Paint Correction is a professional term for polishing, compounding, or buffing. (Buffing is a generic term often confused with paint correction). Compounding and polishing are techniques that are used in the process of paint correction along with special rotary and forced driven orbital machines, cutting, polishing pads and product. This process covers all areas above and beyond general degradation.

This includes removal of all imperfections including deep scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, hologramming, etching, paint overspray, and most surface damage. Many of these issues can be resolved using advanced paint correction techniques. This process slowly removes microscopic layers of clear coat to once again make the surface smooth and mirror like.

Unlike buffing, not just anyone can execute paint correction. This technique is a labor intensive process and must be performed by a master technician that has several years of experience. There are also certain products that must be used to achieve paint correction. These high quality polishing products are developed using Nanotechnology and contain super micro abrasives. They are carefully selected and imported from around the world.

Each of these fine products are used for different levels of paint correction and the technician must be familiar with how to use each product individually. The art of safe, modern and proper polishing techniques is what separates the true professional detailer from all the rest and is a skill set that is mastered by very few.

Why Have My Tesla Y Detailed During the Winter or When Its Raining?

Contrary to some belief, winter is a very important time to have your vehicle detailed. We all know it’s nice to enjoy your shiny paint, wheels, and glass when the sun is out without contaminants on their surfaces. Some of these contaminants include but are not limited to mud, road tar, grit, grim, salt, acid rain and industrial fallout. When these surfaces are protected with carnauba wax, paint sealant or a ceramic coating most of the contaminants are repelled away from these surfaces. Any contaminants that are not repelled away are actually sticking to said protective products, not the paint surface therefore can be removed much easier than if your vehicle is not protected.

What's the Difference Between Professional Detailing Services and Cheap $200 Service?

We spend an extraordinary amount of time on each Tesla that comes through our shop, training our technicians and pursuing the most top of the line products from around the world. The rates other high quality shops charge are comparable, but the lower price tag found elsewhere translates to less time concentrated on your vehicle, generic cost effective products being used, no quality control or vehicle inspection and typically not standing behind their work. The end result is a non-professional, standard car wash most people could do themselves at home.

If a shop only charges a couple hundred dollars to detail a car they are most likely taking a few short cuts and are not cleaning every square inch of the vehicle. In a business that literally focuses on the details, this is unacceptable and certainly not up to our standards. We are unique in that we cater to those who use their vehicle for transportation and those who are avid auto enthusiasts. No matter what type of Tesla you drive, when you pick up your vehicle from our shop you will feel like you just left the showroom floor.

My Tesla Is New. Does It Need to Be Detailed?

Just because your vehicle is new doesn’t necessarily mean the paint finish is flawless. Often times when a vehicle leaves the factory there are many paint imperfections that are missed by quality control personnel. Some of these imperfections are dirt specks, run lines, wet sanding marks, pig tails from a D/A sander, and hologramming from improper polishing techniques.

If your Tesla is shipped from out of state or travels by train it can be subject to many contaminants along the way with no protection. Then when it arrives at the car dealership many times the vehicle is washed improperly by inexperienced lot attendants causing scratches and swirl marks. Ideally before you take delivery ask them not to wash your vehicle. Just schedule an appointment for an exterior wash.

First we will gently wash your vehicle, then we will put it under our lights and start our quality control inspection. If we find any paint imperfections we will give you an onsite estimate for our paint correction service. If not then you will be on your way with our maintenance recommendation for your vehicle.

What Is a Clay Bar and How Can I Tell if My Tesla Needs Clay Bar Treatment?

As you drive your vehicle down the road there are many contaminants that attach to your paint surface. You can tell by running your hand across your hood or the lower part of the vehicle behind the front tire. If it feels gritty like sand paper then your Tesla is in need of clay bar treatment. A clay bar is a flexible putty like substance used along with a lubricant like soap and water or detail spray to remove microscopic contaminants from your paintwork making it extremely smooth in preparation for compounding, polishing and waxing or paint correction.

Because these contaminants cannot be removed by just washing your vehicle it will never technically be clean until it receives clay bar treatment. Clay bar treatment is the first step in our paint correction process and is the most effective way to remove road contaminants. Using a clay bar can be somewhat abrasive therefore we always recommend having us correct your paintwork afterwords.

Are Automatic Car Washes Detrimental to My Vehicles Paint Finish?

All automatic car washes are abrasive and will eventually scratch and swirl your vehicles paint finish. Automatic car wash facilities spray harsh chemicals on your vehicle removing wax or any protection you may have on your vehicles paint surface. They are also known for scratching, etching and swirling your paintwork or clear coat, damaging exterior parts along with rubber moldings, license plates and antennas.

We would never recommend taking your vehicle through an automatic wash tunnel. Unlike an automatic car wash, each and every hand wash or detail service we provide is tailored to suit your Tesla's make and model. After our paint correction process we can maintain your vehicle’s paint finish all year round with our unique scratch and swirl free wash process. This is the only way to keep a perfect finish.

What Should I Do to Prepare My Tesla Before I Bring It in for Service?

Please charge your Tesla fully before you drop it off. We use the heater and air conditioning system of your vehicle to dry the carpets after shampooing them and the engine must be running. We also use this method to run our PurTeq bacteria and odor removal system. This product cleanses your ventilation system from bacteria and the engine must be running as well to be effective. It is recommended to remove your personal items from inside your vehicle. This will save us time and it is less unlikely that your items will be lost during our cleaning process.

If you need your toddlers car seats cleaned just leave them in the car. We can remove them but do not re-install because of liability reasons. Don’t worry so much about removing items from your glove box or center console. We remove those items for you to clean inside compartments then put everything back in immediately.

We Just Purchased a Used Tesla. Should We Get It Professionally Detailed?

We offer amazing interior reconditioning services that include deep cleaning underneath surfaces with the option of adding our PurTeq Bacteria and Odor Removal System. Your cabin air filter should also be changed at this time. When you arrive to pick your car up from us the interior will feel like a newer car. Not so used anymore. More importantly it will be safe for you and your family to enjoy. Think of it as a new beginning.

As far as the exterior goes we offer Paint Correction service which basically means removing light scratches, swirl marks, micro marring and other imperfections in your clear coat (paint) and then protecting with carnuaba wax, paint sealant or a ceramic coating. This process will make the outside of your car look new as well. Just give us a call or stop by to make an appointment. We will take care of the rest.

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