Privacy Tint for Orlando Based Residence

This Orlando-based client recently called us because they had a door that needed fixing. They had previously used spray-on frosted tint for their privacy needs and over time the spray-on had started fading, cracking, and flaking. We scheduled a free consultation for them with our expert team. During the free consultation, our team was able to visit the client and take measurements as well as answer the client’s questions. During the consultation, we were also able to bring them samples to look at so they could decide what would be the best fit for them. They decided on a frosted tint that had a very similar finish to their spray tint. This frosted tint is an excellent and more affordable alternative to etched glass. A frosted tint is a great option for creating privacy while still being able to keep the natural light. This tint is a great option for creating privacy from restrooms to office spaces.


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