Safety and Security

Business owners generally go to great lengths to keep overhead low while also focusing on improving profits and minimizing risk and liability on their property. In many ways, these goals seem to contradict each other, and business owners are faced with challenging dilemmas to balance these objectives. While this may be true in many cases, the fact is that installing safety and security window film on a commercial structure may help businesses accomplish these goals in different ways. While you can choose between a film with a window tint or a clear option, all provide you with considerable benefits that you may want to take advantage of. In fact, when you contact our office directly for a quote for the installation of your commercial property’s window film, you can learn more about each of these important benefits and how they are applicable in your venue.

Energy Efficiency
While many of today’s modern window styles are designed with energy efficiency in mind, the fact is that these property features nonetheless are responsible for transferring heat far more easily than other materials. For example, even with energy efficiency windows, heat may pass through the windows more easily than through doors and walls. Safety and security window film is designed to be energy efficient, and it can further decrease the temperature effects caused by your windows. This means that your HVAC system may not have to work as hard in order to maintain a desired temperature in the space. Each time your HVAC system turns on, you are spending money. Therefore, the energy efficient nature of these films can help you to save money on a regular basis.

Indoor Climate Control
While the cost of temperature control is one important benefit, the fact is that the temperature issue in a commercial space can also impact the comfort level of your customers, clients and employees alike. Without a window tint film covering the windows, warmer air may penetrate through the windows more easily. This may mean that workers or customers near the windows may be warmer than those who are away from the windows. The films help to moderate the temperature so that all areas of the space have a more uniform temperature, and there is considerable benefit to the area through enhanced climate control capabilities offered by these films.

Glare Reduction
Sunlight may be a source of free light for your space, but the intensity of the sun’s rays can also be problematic. Shoppers and other customers in a venue may squint against the harsh glare of the sun’s rays. Workers may be unable to see their computer screen or to focus on files sitting on their desk. Reducing the intensity of the sun’s rays may be a prime goal, and both the tinted and tint-less window films are designed with a UV rejection feature to reduce the intensity of the rays with great results. This ultimately may improve productivity of your workers as well as the comfort level of your customers and clients.

Property Security
Property security is always a top concern for business owners. You may be concerned about theft of inventory or equipment, damage caused by vandals and other security-related factors. In many instances, criminals will target a property if they believe that the reward will be worth the risk of getting caught. They will be less inclined to target a property if they cannot see what the reward inside may be for them. Safety and security window film can be tinted to prevent them from viewing what is inside the building. Furthermore, these films can make it harder for windows to break upon impact. This ultimately can make it more difficult for criminals to enter the property.

Safety Elements
While business owners may be focused on reducing overhead by lowering utility bills, deterring criminal activity and more, there is also a liability aspect that must be considered with windows. Windows are generally relatively thin sheets of glass, and they can shatter upon impact. While some may be designed with some shatter-proof elements, the fact is that a window film can add an additional layer to the windows to further minimize the risk that they might shatter. Keep in mind that everything from a rock projected through a window from a lawnmower outside to hail stones in a major storm and other types of debris may cause a window to shatter while your employees or customers are inside. In some cases, this can result in serious injury or even death to the individual, but the protective nature of window films can drastically decrease this likelihood. Some of the films are several millimeters thick, and they offer superior protection.

There are several different colors and thicknesses of films that are designed to be used on commercial properties, and each have different benefits that you can enjoy. If you are interested in implementing the benefits of window film on your commercial property, the best step to take is to reach out to our office for assistance. We will answer your questions about window films and provide you with an affordable quote for installation.