Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is far more than decorative. It enhances the functionality of your windows. It helps control the light that enters the home or office and lets you enjoy your great views regardless of outdoor conditions. Its elegance and distinction add to the architectural appeal. It can maximize privacy and support climate control in any residential or commercial property.

Energy Convenience of Frost Window Film

In a lot of cases, even responsibly installed windows can be a problem for property owners. Windows can be the cause of unnecessarily high utility bills. You might not even be aware they are the result of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. That ineffectiveness means heating and air conditioning systems are working harder than they need to and pumping up your bills.

One of home window tinting’s greatest benefits is its energy efficiency. It diminishes the risk of much needed heat seeping out when you need it or cold getting in when you don’t want it to.

Protecting Your Home or Office

Home window tinting is a reliable resource for protecting furnishings. Two of the things we really appreciate about our windows is the allure of natural light and being able to enjoy our views. Unfortunately, these advantages also come with a tremendous drawback: exposure to UV rays. And those rays are intensified by the glass! This can have an impact in the long term on your fabrics, carpets, artwork and wood furniture. In some cases, glare will make using some rooms impractical.

Frosted film can dramatically reduce your interior’s exposure to UV and glare. In many cases, by up to 90 percent. It minimizes furniture damage and lets you enjoy the natural light. And again, with natural light you use less electricity, pulling utility charges down. Spend less time closing curtains and pulling blinds shut. Window tinting reduces glare, letting you see television and work or read clearly.

This benefit can also be applied to the skin. If you sit near your windows for long periods of time, you are increasing the possibility of damage associated with exposure. Windows with frosted film helps cut down the UV exposure and the risk.

Frost Window Film is Attractive

The decorative touch window tinting brings to the environment cannot be measured. Besides your windows, it can be applied to doors, cabinets and more. Your options are practically unlimited. Produce looks that enhance privacy, or heighten the beauty of the environment with a range of frosted styles.

Security Benefits of Window Film

Tinting is an added measure of safety. This film is flexible and strong, engineered to withstand certain impact. The window could be broken, but the film holds. No need to board up windows to keep foul elements out. No glass fragments on the floors. Film actually strengthens the structure of the glass, providing a greater resistance to the most common bangs. Increase that protection by installing a heavier film that holds up against storms, vandalism and natural disasters.

There are films that minimize visibility. If your doors have clear glass and you don’t want people outside to see in, it’s the perfect solution. Offices with lots of glass use this to secure areas from prying eyes. Homeowners apply it to glass in their home offices, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where they would prefer to keep the outside world right where it is – outside.

A Practical and Smart Solution

Frosted window film is a long term investment with outstanding results. Looking at the hazards and nuisances the typical property owner is going to endure without tinting, such as glare, high utility bills and furniture damage, adding tinting to your windows could save a lot of headaches and money.

The Best Window Film Services in Florida

Ultimate Window Tinting has been providing an exemplary level of customer service in window films for a long time. Decorative, security, energy saving, commercial, residential and any combination thereof. We use our resources and experience to match your needs with the latest technology in frosted window film and more. Our services include lighting control and diffusers, enhancement of conference, entrance and waiting room glass, create appealing kitchen back-splashes, installing transom glass, and much, much more.

We get to provide the best products by partnering with respected vendors like Huper Optik, a prominent force in nano-ceramic window film for automotive, commercial, residential, marine and security measures. Since 1998, the company has exceeded at green energy saving and protective window technology.

Window tinting gives the environment a fresh new start. With Ultimate Window Tinting, your windows film is professionally installed, promising a quality finish and a lifetime residential warranty.

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