UV Fade Protection

Here in Orlando and other communities in Florida, many of us love the sun, but also understand that it can be quite dangerous to our health. You know that the ultraviolet light from the sun is bad for your skin, but did you also know that it can damage your furniture and flooring inside your home?

Ultraviolet rays, commonly known as UV rays, are a type of radiation emitted by the sun. UV rays are so powerful that they can cause chemical reactions and break down many types of substances. That’s why UV rays cause skin cancer, skin disease, and can permanently damage your eyes.

For the same reasons, UV rays can damage your furniture, fabrics, artwork, and flooring. Anything exposed to sunlight can immediately begin to discolor or fade, which can quickly make things in your house look old and worn.

To protect your household belongings, as well as protecting people in your house from UV rays, consider having window films professionally installed throughout your house. Window films, such as those provided by Huper Optik, can offer UV protection while allowing you to enjoy natural light and the views outside your window.

What exactly are home window films?

Home window films have been specifically designed for residential use, targeting communities like ours that are exposed to the hot Florida sun. The films are professionally applied to your existing windows and can be custom fit to windows of any size or shape.

The films are scientifically proven to block out harmful UV rays while still allowing natural light in through windows. The UV rays are reflected off the film so that they never enter your home. Films are extremely efficient, as they have been found to block up to 99.9% of UV light.

What do the window films look like?

Clear window film can provide you with 99.9% UV protection while not sacrificing light or the view out. Window films are also available in darker shades as well as mirror reflective, which is extremely beneficial for anyone living in Orlando and its neighboring communities. We know that the sun can be extremely blinding and cause everything to get uncomfortably hot, and home window tinting reduces those effects.

Huper Optik, which manufactures some of the most advanced residential window tinting options available, maintains a website that allows you to see the difference that home window tinting makes. On Huper Optik’s website, you see that the overall quality of the light improves with the window films, as glare is considerably reduced.

What exactly will the window film do for my house?

Wood, as a natural product, responds quickly to UV rays. As a result, your beautiful hardwood floors that you’ve spent thousands of dollars on can quickly discolor. Worse yet, the discoloration will be extremely uneven, with areas exposed to the strong afternoon sun developing a different color tone than areas just a few feet over in the shade.

Even carpets and artificial wood floors can discolor. Depending on the material, fibers and components can fade, and in some instances may even change their color tone. Again, if you’re spending thousands of dollars on household materials, you should spend just a little bit on residential window tinting to protect them.

Furniture – whether it be made out of wood, leather, or fabric – is also vulnerable to the effects of the sun. Often, your furniture will be placed directly under a window, and here it receives the brunt of the damage. Window films can help make sure that your furniture can last for generations.

Finally, many people hang unique and valuable artwork on their walls. Have you ever noticed that museums don’t have that many windows, if any at all? It’s because art experts know that UV rays can damage artwork, and this holds true whether it’s a priceless painting or a painting that your child did in elementary school. Window films are essential for protecting artwork on walls exposed to the sun.

Is there anything else I should know about window films?

Yes! All of our products and services come with a lifetime residential warranty. We are so confident in our films and installation services that we provide this warranty to each of our customers at no additional cost.

We know that you come to us with questions about our products, and we use the lifetime residential warranty as a way to back up our claims about the amazing benefits of home window films.

After we’ve installed your new window films, you’ll be able to rest assured that people in your home are safe from UV rays, and that your artwork, furniture, and flooring will also be protected from any damage from the sun. If you have any concerns or questions about the films after we’ve installed them, we’d be happy to come out and take a look at them.