2019 Hyundai Kona Window Tint | Orlando, FL

2019 Kia Kona Ceramic Tint
2019 Kia Kona Ceramic Tint

UV Protection with Window Tint for Your Hyundia Kona

This Hyundia Kona was a sharp looking car when it came into our Orlando window tint shop, but it was lacking something every vehicle in Central Florida needs: window film that protects the car from that all powerful Sunshine State sun. In a matter of hours, we took care of that by installing heat-blocking window tint that has this 2019 Hyundai Kona cooler than ever inside. And the fact that it looks cooler from the outside, too? Well that’s just one more benefit.

best car window tint Kia Kona
best car window tint Kia Kona

Heat Blocking Window Tint for Kia Kona

When the sun’s invisible but hot infrared light passes through the glass windows of a car, it creates a greenhouse effect inside, warming up the cabin — in fact, the reason greenhouses work at all, keeping plants warm even in cool temperatures, is because sunlight enters through the glass and then warms that concentrated area.

By blocking a large portion of the sun’s infrared light, window tint like we applied on this 2019 Hyundai Kona in Orlando prevents that initial warming from growing too intense, so the vehicle stays cooler and more comfortable and will require less use of air conditioning. That means less fuel spent to cool the car down and puts some money back into your pocket, another nice benefit along with the comfort.

car window tint Kia Kona
car window tint Kia Kona

Blocking UV Damage with Auto Window Film

Reduced interior heat is definitely one of the major selling points of window tint for cars, but in Orlando the abundance of sunshine also means the chance for lots of interior damage caused by ultraviolet light. UV light can cause fading, cracking, and discoloring on many surfaces inside a car, and it can cause skin damage after long exposure, too. So block out that UV light with a window tint that rejects full 99% of the sun’s harmful UV light.

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