Best Ceramic tint For Dodge Charger in Orlando

We are very pleased to have tinted this beautiful Charger for our client. For this vehicle we needed to install a tint that blocks heat, provides privacy and protection for the interior of the vehicle. Thanks to the technology in our ceramic film we were able to accomplish all three. 

What is Ceramic Tint? For some, tinting is not just about aesthetics or privacy. For those who are looking for the best tint to block heat from their vehicle, we highly recommend a ceramic window tint. 

So why is a ceramic film better at blocking heat? The nanotechnology in the Ceramic tint will help block the heat from entering the vehicle. This will keep the vehicle’s interior cooler and protected, and thanks to the 99.9% UV protection this film also offers the ability to not only protect vehicle passengers’ skin but also the interior of the vehicle from fading and sun damage.

Best ceramic tint for a charger in orlando
Best ceramic tint for a charger in Orlando

The ceramic tint is available in a wide variety of shades and is backed by a lifetime warranty. We have an in-shop heat demo that can show how this ceramic window tint will perform. It is really a great option to add to your vehicle here in Orlando Florida. 

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