Best Heat Rejection Tint for 2022 Tesla Model Y in Orlando, FL

This 2022 Tesla Model Y was in need of heat rejection and privacy when reached out to us. They initially came in and had the sides and back tinted but decided they wanted to have the windshield tinted to help with the heat as well. When they reached out to us they let us know that they wanted to be sure their car would be well taken care of during the tinting process and they wanted to make sure that we would take the proper precautions to protect the technology found in the Tesla’s dash. Our team walked them through the process and showed them the protective mats and water-absorbent ropes we use to avoid excess water and that gave them peace of mind. 

They opted for the highest performing tint available and decided to add just a little bit more privacy. The tint they selected will offer excellent heat rejection and will also provide 99% UV protection. This tint will offer the best heat reduction available all while not interfering with satellite, GPS, and cell reception.

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