Car Lover’s Guide to Proper Usage of Window Tint

How to use a window tint better? If you’re a genuine car lover, you’d know the correct installation, care, and maintenance of your window films. If you’re beginner, and you want to know more about window films, here’s what you need to know. From car and bathroom window film around Windermere, Florida, here are the big deals.

Before Installation

There are a few things you should know before installing your window films:

  • Know your tint state law.
  • Let your car insurance agent know you’re getting your car tinted.
  • If you have any medical conditions about why you need darker shades, submit a form of exemption.

Tips for Proper Installation

There are two kinds of the installation processes for window tint films: dry and wet methods. But what’s important is that you must have a heat gun and squeegee. Here are some tips for installation if you want to go DIY:

  • Never use a blow dryer to stick the films on your car.
  • Always use a microfiber cloth when wiping window films.
  • Don’t use a paper towel when dabbing on the windows. It’ll only smear them.
  • When squeegee-ing the windows, don’t add too much pressure from it.
  • Upon finish, wipe your tints with a soft cloth.

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Tips on Proper Maintenance of Window Films

Caring for your window tint is much needed. But how to clean it is another matter. We understand you want to maintain the condition of privacy window film around Windermere, Florida. To ensure the longevity of your window films here’s some advice for you:

  • Have your car inspected for any cracks or bubbles in window films.
  • Do not roll or clean installed windows for seven days.
  • Spray water and use a soft cloth to wipe dirt and grime from windows.
  • Make a soapy solution if your tints get smeared by dirt.
  • Avoid using ammonia-based chemical agents for cleaning films. But one can make a cleaning solution out of vinegar.

After you get car tinted windows around Windermere, Florida, you must keep away from using your car too much on the road. It’s because the films are still sensitive by that time. Avoid rolling the windows for 30 days after installation, and begin washing your window tint only around 10 or so.